Monday, July 1, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry July 1, 2013

"It's July!  Crazy how time flies but at the same time it feels like the days are so long.  Today was my first P-day. This morning we picked up the Buttes Vista sisters & went to the library to email.  I have such a hard time remembering exactly what I need to say & so I'm going to carry around a notepad and write down things I want to email people about.  So much happens in one week here and so its to remember.  We went grocery shopping (finally!) and I know have food to eat.  The rest of the day we spent at home because Sis. G is still sick...I get so bored at home.  I watched 3 different "movies," read scriptures, one Ensign, took a nap, cleaned some of our apartment, did laundry and still had time on my hands.  I guess I shouldn't complain because I probably won't ever get this again on my mission.  We called the mission nurses and they want Sis.G to stay in again tomorrow. Ugh... I have to find ways to keep myself busy.  I hope she gets better soon and then we can go out and work.  Oh and we had to miss our dinner appointment, but Bro and Sis M brought us over a fresh spinach salad, melon and awesome bread.  I guess they are vegetarians but that salad was awesome.  I'm praying Sis. G will wake and be feeling 100% better but we'll see.
--Sis Allen"

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