Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry July 4th, 2013

"Lets just say that this fourth of July was very different from any other before this.  Haha. We had a full proselyting day and from the very start, it went very well. We found 3 investigators today, which was such an answer to prayer our first one is Samuel.  We met him this morning and he was outside his house watering the grass.  He is a member of the Basilican faith from Mexico.  I'm pretty positive when dad and I were in Mexico City we visited their cathedral.  They believe something about Mary of Guadalupe...but we were talking & Asked "what he thinks happens to us after we die?"  He says that a question he hasn't known/found the answer to yet.  I told him about the Plan of Salvation and how God wants us all, as a family, to return to him and live with all our loved ones forever.  He was very interested to hear more and we are going back next Saturday to teach him and his family!  Right after S, we ran into V.  V had a hard time accepting B.O.M. because the last verses of Revelations says that any man that add to the Bible will be given plaques.  We tried to help her understand that God through Joseph Smith restored the gospel and translated the B.O.M. That's one of the hardest questions we get asked is "Where's evidence of the B.O.M. in the Bible?"  and the other hard one is "If God loves us, why do bad things happen to good people?"  I'm hoping to slowly learn the answer to both.  We saw two Less active's today, Bro H and Sis B.  Well Sis B is active but her health makes it hard sometimes.  Its so crazy hearing the different stories of people and I've just been so humbled because I don't think you really realize how lucky we are.  I've also realized that it is a really rare thing to have a good solid family.  Most families here suffer from poverty, single parent homes, abuse of all kinds, neglection, etc.  Most areas are low income and most are on welfare.  But that's basically like living on nothing.  It's extremely sad and just extremely humbling.  And definitely a reality check/wake up call.  We saw A, J and C again tonight.  They are recent converts and are just an amazing family with the greatest testimonies.  After we read Enos with A and her kids, we walked down the street & ran into M and Z.  A mom and her 10 year old daughter.  Z is really into religion and so smart.  We gave them B.O.M. and are hoping to go back next Wednesday to teach a lesson. It is so awesome and we are feeling so blessed/grateful to Heavenly Father.  So this really was not the typical 4th of July...the only "holiday" things we participated in were: a barbeque at Bishop K's, one mini firework at A's and the noise of fireworks as we tried to fall asleep. Haha!  It definitely was not a typical 4th of July, but we saw so many blessings/answers to prayers and that's all that matters.
Sis Allen

*We went to a super sketchy Chinese buffet for lunch...haha It was definitely an experience!!

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