Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry June 29, 2013

"  Sister Grant is still not feeling well.  President Weston told us to stay in today and rest.  Sis Grant took a nap this morning after study time until about two.  I didn't have much to do, so I just wrote a couple letters, I watched The Testament.  Sadly the DVD stopped working halfway through... I sat outside on the balcony & I honestly love the heat  & humidity.  It was like 108' today and super humid.  I really do like it... Sis Grant thinks I'm crazy. Haha!  I ended up taking a little nap while she slept.  We had an awesome dinner with the L's & they had all of their grandkids over.  It was super yummy & fun.   After, we did some planning with Bro Miller, the ward mission leader.  They literally have the most awesome house in the world.  Yuba City is cool there's 3 different kinds of areas. The poor area where houses are smaller, older & a little run down.  The stuccoville area where houses are super nice but all stucco'd in a different shade of cream or brown.  Then there's the downtown area and the houses are these older colonial style but they are so well taken care of.  Zane would die if he saw them.  They're amazing!  We didn't teach anyone but hopefully on Monday we'll be back at it.
- Sister Allen  "

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