Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry July 6, 2013

"Sis G is still not feeling well.  They have no idea what wrong and woke up with a rash.  This morning after study we had a new member lesson with A & J.  Sis W, one of the ward missionaries, taught most of the lesson and we helped facilitate.  It went really well and hopefully they have a deeper understanding of the Plan of Salvation.  My days have started to all mush into one thing and sometimes its hard to remember what we did each day.  We did get to have lunch with Bro & Sis M (Bro M is the ward mission leader.) They took us to this awesome place called CILANTROS... man, it was amazing and I'm going to craving more all day.  After lunch, we came home for a while and Sis G rested.  We visited a couple people later today who were former investigators.  One of them, R, we made an appointment to come back and gave him a B.O.M.  We saw J today, he was doing okay and hadn't smoked all day!  It was also Sis S's birthday and so we made her a little birthday basket and took it over to her.  Sis F (Relief Society President) called her to wish her a Happy Birthday and she told her that she would be at church tomorrow.  Sis G and I are pumped.  We probably high fived a hundred time and jammed out to some upbeat hymns as celebration!! :-) (missionary problems...)  The S's had us over for dinner tonight and then we had our weekly meeting with Bro M.  Although we didn't get to be out as much as we wanted, it still was a good day.  It's hard at times, especially with Sis G sick, but I'm trying my best to be patient and positive.
Sis Allen "

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