Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st, 2013

An email from Lexis....
"helloooo everybody! it feels like its been so long since I have written to you guys.

I am serving in Yuba City, California. Home of the top population of Punjab's and ice cream trucks. Seriously, you always hear that ice cream truck song ringing around town when we are out. Every single ice cream truck is also driven by a Punjab man...meaning those guys who wear the turbans. It is my number one goal before i leave this area to take a picture with an ice cream truck driven by a Punjab. Also, almost every house we go to has the strong aroma of weed. Classic california. Thats what happens when its legal. Haha.
I got my new companion on Wednesday. Her name is Sister Grant, she is from Las Vegas, 20 years old, and has been out here serving for 3 months. She just finished her 12 weeks of training and so she is just barely done being trained. She is 5' 1"...CLASSIC! I always get put with the shortest companions but they are always the best ones. So i gladly accept. Plus, Heavenly Father has a sense of humor obviously so i cant help but laugh.
everything is going super well! my companion has been sick since Friday with dehydration and other things so we haven't had much time to go out. On wednesday we went out and started my first tracting experience. I picked a street called Fruitvale that kept catching my eye on the area map. We knocked on three doors. The first house wasnt interested. The second house we met a man named Terry. His wife had just passed away from diabetes and so we had a nice conversation with him. We ended up leaving him with a plan of salvation pamphlet. He kept saying how he wasnt interested in a new religion but was just waiting for something to come and tell him what his next step in life could be. (which totally could be going to church) We plan on going back next week to check in and chat with him about the plan of salvation. The next house we went to was a lady named April. She has been taking lessons with Jehovah's Wittnesses (there are a lot of them out here and we always say "if someone can be a JDub then they can be a Mormon. :)) She actually told us that her stepmom was LDS and that she had gone to our church building and our ward back when she was 12. We invited her to church on sunday and told her that if she ever needs help with anything to let us know. She has a sickness that sometimes prevents her from working some days. Sadly, she didnt show up to church but we did get a referral from her. So we are going to go check in with the referral this week.

My first meal in Yuba City was Subway. Sister Grant says its a tradition to get Subway for your first meal in our area. Luckily, i had a subway gift card! (THANKS!)
Thursday we got to go out again. All of our previous plans fell through but we got to talk to a TON of people. We visited a lot of Less Actives from the ward and ended up having dinner at a Less Active's house (which was a miracle).
My address is: 745 Lincoln road Apt #38 Yuba City, CA

Letters are still greatly appreciated and desired. :) I love packages full of good stuff (no candy) too.

well i love you all and hope everyone is doing well.
keep updating me on your lives. miss you all like crazy!

sister allen"

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