Monday, May 6, 2013

etsy finds.

there is this super cute store on  Etsy that personalizes these awesome 5x7 mission info cards. they are $4.95 and they send you the pdf so you can do anything with it.
i am going to print out a bunch so i can put my mission addresses and email on the back to pass out at my farewell! its a cute way for people to have my address!

they have world maps or just state maps to choose from.
find the personalized missionary map on the Its4Keeps Etsy shop

Thursday, May 2, 2013

blush pink.

ah, hello blog world. it has been way too long. my life has been crazy and now that finals/school is over, i can get back to blogging. i did a little more shopping and have come home with two more skirts and two more dresses. i have vowed to stop shopping, dont worry. 

so the dress above is from Mikarose. Mikarose has awesome dresses and skirts that are ALL missionary approved. They are perfect in modesty AND length. pair this dress with  a simple cardigan or nice blazer and you have three different outfits.

The Sydney, cowl neck dress can be found online and in the Mikarose store.
right now it is actually on clearance for $30.
find the dress HERE.