Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

An email from Lexis...

hello people.
wow, this last week has been crazy!

well, a lot has changed this last week. my companion left to Arizona. she is on a 30 day medical leave and still set apart as a missionary. her mom is her companion for now and hopefully she will be back before we know it.
because my companion is on medical leave, i am now in a trio. my companions are serving in the buttes vista ward. they are sister dalton and sister powell. (sister dalton's aunt is in our ward, dad) so their area is huge and very busy. our weeks are packed full of stuff to do and we basically have no time to tract. i am the only one in our trio that knows the feather river area so i am basically training the other two girls on our area and im getting trained in theirs. its going well but definitely is hard at times. i feel like im doing my area by myself at times because they dont know anyone or where to go. i plan where we go, who we see, where to focus, i have to set up appointments, call all the people, text everyone, make sure we are following up, etc. and they do that between both of them in their area.
one of our investigators, yinka, who has been being taught since april came to church yesterday and stayed for all three hours!! i was sitting there in sacrament and i looked down the hall while there was only two minutes left before sacrament started and there she was! it was a real miracle because we were thinking about possibly dropping her cause we didnt know if she was accountable or not.
i got all of the packages and am so grateful to have such an amazing family and support system. i love my new skirts and they were dfinitely needed. even though we are in a car, the flowy skirts are definitely way easier to walk around in. im only wearing pencil skirts on sundays and p-days. Thank you so much for the CDs. they are getting put to good use out here because we are driving back and forth  between both areas now. 
the heat isnt too bad and i actually really enjoy it. i love being outside as much as possible.

MOM and DAD, and anyone else, HAVE THE MISSIONARIES OVER FOR DINNER! they need food and being a missionary, now i realize how important it is. we need to be fed. :)
so i saw kyle, stefan, brandt, and ismael on TV. it was super awesome. we went and knocked on a less actives house. they usually dont let missionaries in at all and normally just talk to them on the doorstep. as we were talking, i noticed they had the USA vs CUBA game going on in the background. i kept glancing at it and then all of a sudden i saw them on TV! i was like uh, sorry to interrupt you...but i think my friends from home were just on the tv! so they rewinded it and sure enough the camera was on them for a good 10 seconds. they paused it and i took two pictures. crazy, huh? we got in their house and even got to talk with them for a while because of it. it was awesome...and basically a miracle in disguise.
i am still really loving it out here and all my focus is on out here. i do miss everyone, but when you are as busy as we are its hard to find a lot of time to think about home...which is a good thing in a way.

did you guys ever get that picture from our Bishop? it was of me and sister grant on the 4th of July. he said he sent it but i didnt ever hear if you got it.

i am jealous that you guys got to go on vacation last week and can not believe you were only 20 minutes outside Yuba City. how crazy is that? you guys shouldve just stopped in...haha jk. that wouldve been bad. i would have been on the next plane home if that happened.
The lord is definitely putting a lot of trust in me right now and i feel grateful that he trusts me so much. I know i can do this and although it is definitely a challenge, i am ready to accept. I have the lord on my side and know he will be here for me through everything i do and need.
please read my journal entries i have been sending to my mom! they are on the blog and worth the read. they give a more detailed outline of whats been going on. its hard when there are so many things going on and i cant remember them all. plus, too many things happen in one week and they dont all fit in one email. haha.
you all are amazing! i challenge you all to live so that you may always have the spirit with you. that feeling is unlike anything else you can imagine and he is there waiting to help us if we just let him. stay positive and always keep a prayer in your heart.

Heres a little excerpt from my weekly letter i sent to President Weston:

"I know the Lord trusts me with these two areas. He knows i can do this, therefore I know I can do this. He is going to be there with me all along the way and I know that I can only do this with his help. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to learn and grow. This trio and opportunity to manage two areas is really going to make me in to that exceptional missionary I know I can become. It has forced me to move out of my comfort zone and take control of this Feather River area. I know what I need to do in this area, where I need to go, and those I need to see. I was surprised at first that i had learned so much only being out here for three weeks, but the Lord definitely made sure I remembered every little thing Sister Grant was telling me. I am sad that Sister Grant is gone, but grateful that she is somewhere that she can gain back her full health. I know this was Lords plan for all of us involved and know that he has a lot in store for us if we are obedient and continue to be guided by the Spirit. I love this work and I love this area. I am so glad I am out here serving. "
Miss you all like crazy! Love you all and keep staying in touch. :)

Sister Allen

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