Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lexis Journal Entry July 3, 2013

"We finally went proselyting today!! Sis G was determined to go out and do work, so we did!  It felt so good to be out and in the sun.  We had district meeting this morning and were combined with another district because there were only 4 people at theirs cause the Buttes Vista Sisters are sick. We talked a lot about the B.O.M. and how it can help with conversion.  This morning for breakfast we had plain oatmeal with fresh banana and nectarines.  It was pretty nasty!!  I don't know how this whole "diet" thing is going to work.  After district meeting we visited two less actives from the ward and even saw the S family! (their daughters recent converts and now we're teaching the mom & son)  We then had the feelling we should go see a referral from the Elders.  Gill and Judy walked in to the church last week & talked with the Elders about meeting with missionaries. The address the Elders gave us was 120 B Street & there was no apartment 24.  So we were walking out to the car and I looked across the street and there was 1201 B Street.  The complex had 24 apartments and thankfully Apt #24 was really Bill and Judy.  They have been married for 32 years and are very strong Christians.  They had Bibles, gospel books and "Jesus loves me" smiley face stickers everywhere.  They really like to talk so it was hard getting a word in. We basically taught the first lesson but it just took 40 min. longer than usual because we had to start talking at the end of his sentence when he was about to take a breath.  They are very spiritual and know so much about the Bible.  Sis G and I left them with our phone number and a Book of Mormon.  They are very hesitant about reading it but offered to come back and read with them.  We really hope they read and call us.  They sound like they need something more & we could be it.  We went home and had dinner from the Hendricks.  Because Sis Grant's been sick people have just been bringing our meals to us, which is super kind and awesome. We both got to meet with President Weston tonight and he told me I need to push Sis G to get out because she will get better faster if she's outdoing the work.  He told me he already knows I'm an awesome missionary and that I'm going to have a "remarkable mission."  He is super awesome!  We were able to have a lesson tonight with Jeff.  He was smiley and I think he even laughed tonight.  Which is so unusual cause Jeff really doesn't say much.  At all.  We introduced him to something we want to try to help him stop smoking.  We are going to try and find some hobbies he can do during the day to keep his mind busy and off to smoking.  He thinks its a good idea but doesn't know what he would want to do.  We read Moroni 6 & 7 with him.  He really likes it but needs to learn how to apply the B.O.M. to himself.  Then he will get more out of it.  Our last stop was at Sis F's home, shes active, but is having a hard time finding a job.  She had one all lined up at the Laundromat but the manager basically lied to her about the position.  She quit her other job for this one too...its so sad.  A lot of people here have no job and have a really hard time finding one.  Its sad.  I am definitely here to be humbled.  I already feel myself becoming more patient, a better listener, and happier/more loving.  This mission has already been so great for me.

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