Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry June 29, 2013

"  Sister Grant is still not feeling well.  President Weston told us to stay in today and rest.  Sis Grant took a nap this morning after study time until about two.  I didn't have much to do, so I just wrote a couple letters, I watched The Testament.  Sadly the DVD stopped working halfway through... I sat outside on the balcony & I honestly love the heat  & humidity.  It was like 108' today and super humid.  I really do like it... Sis Grant thinks I'm crazy. Haha!  I ended up taking a little nap while she slept.  We had an awesome dinner with the L's & they had all of their grandkids over.  It was super yummy & fun.   After, we did some planning with Bro Miller, the ward mission leader.  They literally have the most awesome house in the world.  Yuba City is cool there's 3 different kinds of areas. The poor area where houses are smaller, older & a little run down.  The stuccoville area where houses are super nice but all stucco'd in a different shade of cream or brown.  Then there's the downtown area and the houses are these older colonial style but they are so well taken care of.  Zane would die if he saw them.  They're amazing!  We didn't teach anyone but hopefully on Monday we'll be back at it.
- Sister Allen  "

Friday, June 28, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry June 28, 2013

" One hundred and eight degrees  Its 108' today!!! ay curumba!
This morning we are in the hospital.  Sister Grant hasn't been feeling very well.  We think it might be dehydration.  We've been sitting here in the ER waiting room for about an hour and are hoping they call us back soon.  Its amazing how different the world is only 10-12 hrs. away from home.  Yuba City is very povertish and dangerous in a lot of areas.  A lot of people don't have any money and are on Medicare (government issued insurance.) Its so sad!
Later on...
We got done with the hospital at 5pm.  Sis Grant had to get fluid through an IV. They say she has dehydration and that in this crazy heat we need to drink lots of Gatorade!  While we were in the ER, an ambulance rushed in an older man who had collapsed from the heat.(Our bed was in the hall & so we could hear it all happening.)  The guy's internal core temp. was 109' and he was already not breathing for like 5 minutes.  He ended up passing away and it was so sad because at first he was a John Doe.  But somehow they found his identification & were able to contact his wife & friends.  It was really sad to hear their reaction when they saw him.  But it really made me think about the plan of Salvation & how important it is especially in situations like that, that we know that we can see them again. And really they're in a better (less hot) place. I just wish I could've gone in there and told his wife that. Its so sad that a lot of people really don't believe they'll see their loved ones again.  Wouldn't that be awesome if we just randomly found her one time? Our message could give her so much hope.  We finished weekly planning tonight & we are hoping for a very successful week! because we were at the hospital we had to cancel all of our appointments and dinner plans. We got a pizza from Little Caesars and it was actually super good. We are going to bed early tonight because Sis Grant is still not feeling well...:-(  Night!
- Sister Allen

P.S.  Everyone stares at us here or tries to avoid all eye contact.  It's pretty hilarious! We're like aliens... in a new world.  Its so strange.  "

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lexis Journal Entry June 27, 2013

" Wow, today was eventful!  Sis Grant and I saw so many people.  We had an appointment & other things planned, but no one of them really went through.  This morning we had District Meeting.  It was long & kinda boring.  There are 6 Elders & one other sisters companionship. All of us went our for district lunch In N Out.  After Sis Grant & I went to an address that was suppose to be a less active's home but the address led us to a storage lot. We went next door to ask & ended up talking to this super nice older man named M.   He was very familiar with Mormons and had helped Marie Osmond for years to make her doll collection that was sold on QVC.  We talked with him about the church  and had actually been taught by missionaries before.  He also asked about what we thought about gay marriage (it was legalized in CA state yesterday.)  We gave him a card and told him to look it up on there.  We went over to this guy named E's house ( he seemed interested the first time) and his wife answered.  She said they weren't interested and when E came to the door it seemed like something was wrong.  We will check back on him in a couple weeks.  We stopped by B's house.  He's married and has the cutest little girl, Lily.  Last tie, they gave him a chapter in the B.O.M. to read but he said he hadn't done it yet.  He seemed great but he didn't follow through.  Hopefully he will read!  We went over to the R's home. They are a less active family in the ward.  Their two daughters go baptized in the church last year.  The apartment smelt super strong of weed.  (Its legal here & EVERYONE smokes it.)  Their family has been having issues getting along & they've been fighting.  The dad reads the B.O.M. with the kids every night though.  We planned to have an FHE lesson next Tuesday.  Their cousin R was there and as we were leaving we had a good conversation with him.  He doesn't understand why bad things happen to good people and has major law of chastity issues.  He is going to come on Tuesday when we have FHE.  We stayed talking to Ronnie for a little too long & had to run over to meet with E (she took the discussions before and then disappeared for a year.  she commited to baptism last time.)  We got to the car and had missed calls from Sis S (member) telling us not to go see E.  Basically her husband freaked out and told Sis S to never come back again.  E's husband has always been super sketchy and we have a feeling he is abusive.  So we called E and she still seemed interested in meeting next week.  Then we had a missed call from her and when we called back it was her husband.  He gave us an earful about E being too innocent and nice to say no to us and all this crap.  It just was not good.  I wish we could help her but we don't know how.  We visited J today.  We found him smoking on his front porch. I wish we knew how to make him stop!  We got to meet with H's (another less active family.) They have been really struggling through a court case.  Some gang members are always after them, breaking into their homes, beating their kids, shooting guns... its seriously crazy!! Sister H is so strong tho.  Its amazing that she is still sane after everything that's gone on.  We visited with them and then offered a prayer of safety to them.    I hope they're okay. I'm definitely keeping them in my prayers.  The A's were suppose to have us over for dinner, but had to cancel.  We stopped by the Kang's to drop off a fireside flyer.  (Less active, part member couple who run a daycare.)  They are usually stand offish but invited us in for a while. Sis K asked if we had any plans for dinner.  We told her no and she said we could eat there.  She said she had been thinking about us and calling to see when we could come over for dinner. (MIRACLE)  We had a great dinner and even taught a short lesson on prayer.  They got into it and we commited them to pray together as a couple every night!  The Gs were our last visit.  Both of them haven't been active for a long time.  They are different...but super interesting.  Bro G knows how to do everything.  They offered to make us dinner one night which is AWESOME!  Today was great.  We met so many people & this mission is really going to humble me.
-Sister Allen  "

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry June 26, 2013

"  Today was amazing!  Earlier we went to the mission home to finish orientation & I met our new companions.  My trainer/companion is Sister Grant.  She is from Vegas & is super rad.  We are serving in Yuba City in the Feather River ward. We arrived at the area around 4:30pm & it all began.  We first went tracting.  I picked a street that kept catching my eye called Fruitvale Road.  I was super nervous so Sis. Grant did most of the talking. The first house wasn't interested and smelt like weed.  The second house was a guy named T.  His wife had just passed and so we sat on his porch & talked to him for a while. We gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet & we are hoping he will read it. Next door to T. lived a younger single lady named A. She was taking lessons from the Jehovah Witness' but used to be a member of the LDS church when she was about 12.  She remodeled her house and has a sickness that sometimes prevents her from being able to work so we offered our help& gave her our number to call if she ever needed anything. Sis Grant also invited her to church on Sunday.  We are praying she will make it!! We ate dinner at Subway & then I unpacked a little.  Our first lesson was at 7pm with J.  J. has been taking the lessons for a year. He has a testimony but really can't stop smoking.  The longest he's gone is 13 days!  We read the B.O.M. with him in Omni & tried to help him figure out what he could do too stop smoking.  I really hope he can find a way to stop! J. also has some social disabilities and is schizophrenic (but he takes medication for it.)  We then went over to A & J's house.  A  is a single mom who just got baptized in June.  Her son J got baptized the same day.  They are incredible & such a sweet little family with a strong desire to learn about the church as much as they can.  We read through the Book of Mormon with them & I was able to answer some questions they had about the Chapter 2 Nephi 4.  J prayed at the end and thanked Heavenly Father that I was there with them.  It was so sweet & the Spirit testified that this is definitely where I was supposed to be called.  I love it here!  Good night!
-Sister Allen  "
Lexis sent copies of her journal entries to me in the mail.  She asked that I post them on her blog for everyone to read.  It is  a wonderful testament of the work she is doing and those things that she is experiencing each day. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

An email from Sister Allen...

I made it to Roseville safe and sound. the flight went great but we had a little bit of a rough landing. My mission president and his wife are awesome! They are so nice and know that I will be well taken care of. They have four kids and their daughter Lizzie who is 11, hangs out with us here at the mission office. It is very humid here...well a lot more humid than Utah and I love it! When we got here it was raining and now it is super sunny. They said it gets really rainy for a day and then the next couple of days it will be around 100 degrees. Crazy, huh? Everyone is so nice here and I am nervous but excited to  get on with this work. Our P-days are on Mondays in the field. So expect my emails every Monday. They allowed us to email you today just so you know we got here safe. I am so grateful that I got to talk to everyone this morning and THANK YOU for actually answering your phones. There were 29 people who arrived today to the mission and we will be at about 250 missionaries in the mission by the end of the year. It is crazy how much each mission is growing. I think I am going to really like it here! I love you all and am thinking about you all each and every day. Thank you for all the love and support. don't forget to write and send packages.
Bring it on Roseville California!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Missionary Broadcast

I had the Amazing opportunity to hug Lexis today at the Missionary Broadcast held at BYU's Marriott Center. All of the missionaries currently in the Provo MTC were in attendance. Lexis wasn't expecting me and I was unsure as to whether I would have the opportunity to see her. She told me that she had an impression that she needed to stand in her same spot and when I walked by she spotted me first and with tears of happiness we hugged. In talking to her it was wonderful to see how happy she is and how confidant she is in her decision to serve. She expressed love and gratitude for everyone and asked me to pass that along. I am so grateful that I was given that little time to hug her and see her countenance so strong before she leaves for California tomorrow for a year and a half.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lexis saw Carlie @ the MTC today and Carlie sent us the picture. YAY!

June 21st, 2013

An email from Sister Allen on her PDay. June 21st...

FOUR MORE DAYS AND I AM OUT OF HERE!! I can't even believe it. Time has seriously flown by and if time goes even faster out on the mission then i will be home in no time.
how is everybody doing? Thank you for all the love and support. I love reading everyones emails and hearing what is going on. Plus, all the letters and packages have been amazing. For missionaries, letters and packages are the best thing in the world. I look forward to lunch and dinner just because i know i will recieve some kind of letter. Keep em comin!!
Things are going great here at the MTC. It definitely was rough at the beginning of the week, but now things are just really looking up. My companion and I had a hard time with the first time we taught our investigator Bobby, but we have gotten the hang of it now. I can already notice a difference in the way i teach . I am defintely being guided by the spirit more and really trying to love my investigators. I have had a really great time teaching and know that I am just going to continue to get better.
The food here at the MTC is pretty bad. I mean it tastes good, but no ones stomach actually likes the food. Lets just be real, everyone is extremely gassy here and thats just something we are all facing. It was really bad at first but now i feel like my stomach is getting used to it. Which is really disgusting. I am really excited to get out in the mission field and be able to enjoy home ocoked meals and non cafeteria food. I do not know how people eat here for 9 weeks at a time. More power to em, i guess. There was a flu bug going around two days ago and i definitely felt nauseous but did not catch the full thing. It was really bad. We had eight girls on our floor sick. I have yet to see Carlie and I am really sad because tonight is the last night that i could see her. they are shutting down the main building until tuesday because they are having a huge mission president training thing. A lot of the general authorities will be here so they dont want all the missionaries bugging them. On Sunday we are going over to the Marriott Center and they are having a worldwide broadcast. President Monson and all of the apostles will be there. It is going to be awesome and in the three years my branch president has been here he has enever seen anything like this. We all think he might make a big announcement or something. Maybe they're opening china! AHH! If you guys watch it, then make sure to watch for me. I am gonna try to make my way to fame through this broadcast. I will be accepting autographs.
My companion and I are still getting along super well. I am so grateful and blessed to have her as my companion. We workr eally well together and have a super good time. She is teaching me to talk like a New Yorker and I teach her how to talk in that nerdy headgear voice i always talk in. (You know what im talking about Zane) We are pretty hilarious and she reminds me a lot of the friends I have had in the past. Looks like heavenly father knows me or something...:)
On tuesday night we had an awesome devotional at the marriott center. Elder Gay from the Seventy spoke about these amazing missionary stories. I wish I had time to tell you all of them. It was an amazing talk and I feel so blessed to be hearing council from such amazing inspiring people.
Sadly, i only have thirty minutes to email you guys but i really am doing AWESOME! I wish i had the time to send you all letters, but know that i am thinking of you all and love every single one of you.
THANK YOU family for the care packages and all the healthy treats (especially mom for the cupcakes and healthy food box. it has come in handy) THANK YOU to the BUNDY's for sending those adorable stickers. I love them and hope you are having a blast in Florida. (Tell Addi and Logan HI! I miss them so much! And i also need their address) :) THANK YOU to everyone else who has wrote me a letter or sent me an email. I LOVE  YOU ALL.
Sorry this is so short. I wish I could tell you everything but i hope my mom is updating the blog with not only my emails but a little from each letter i send. I try to keep everyone updated through those.
california, here i come!!
-sister allen

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013

Sister Lexis Allen would love to hear from each of you.  A quick or not so quick email can be sent to her at: . THANK YOU!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 14th

well hey family,
so thanks a lot for not writing me. i was expecting to have at least three emails in my inbox, but i had zero. looks like you guys have already forgot about me. thanks guys.
well i wrote you guys two letters so far and i hope they reached you. (zane i need your address or mom can i have the branbury office address and you can just deliver it to him)
yesterday was our first full day as missionaries and let me just say it was not easy. by the time 8pm hit, i was seriously delirious and tired. they pack so much in to your brain at once, its craziness! we got our first two teaching assignments yesterday and my companion sister Giani and I have already started planning our lessons. One of our "investigators" is named Bobby, he is a single dad with one daughter and wants to know more about the church so he can provide a good environment for his daughter, we are focusing on the family and how the gospel can help us through trials and how God has a plan for each of us. Our second "investigator" is ERica and she doesnt know a lot about the church but saw missionaries and thought she would like to talk to them to see what this church was all about. We plan lessons for both of them and then either tonight or tomorrow we will be able to really teach investigators as if they were Bobby or Erica. Its super awesome!
We met our branch president last night and he is a bit strict. My biggest problem is getting used to saying "Sisters and Elders" instead of "Guys". It's pretty hard and the branch prez called me out on it last night. We have three districts in our zone and two of the districts are missionaries who are only serving in Roseville. Its so awesome that there are so many missionaries going to my mission. There is one more Sister than Elder going to our mission, so thats great! Go Sisters!
The food is good here and I have been really trying to eat as healthy as i can. It's hard when theres not too many healthy options though. Yesterday we had our first gym time and we went up to the courts to play sand volleyball. My skills are a little rusty since high school...but i am sure ill get lots of practice. Getting up early has been super hard and I was a little late to personal study yesterday, but this morning I was up and on time. This morning we actually had to wake up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 because we had a service project. We were suppposed to clean the stadium chapel but my companion and i ended up cleaning the security booth out in front of the MTC. The lady looked at me and was like "hmm...youre tall, you could reach the top windows without a problem. we'll put you to work out there." It worked out perfectly because Sister Giani is short and so she would wash the bottom windows while i would do the top. (ps. too bad none of you drove past the MTC around 6am cause you could have seen sure you probably weren't awake anyways)
Everybody laughs when i tell them that i literally live a block away from the temple and it would take me 2 minutes to walk up to my house from the MTC. They all ask me if I have wanted to sneak home, but i always tell them no. Not because i dont love you guys but because it would be WAY too hard to have to say goodbye again. One time was good enough for me. The Elders and Sisters always joke that we could just walk over to my house to get a snack or have a district party. It's pretty funny.
My companion and I are getting along great. Her name is Michelle Giani and she is 5' 1"...(i always get put with the shortest people, its hilarious) Last night i tried on her jeans and it was pretty hilarious because they wouldnt even go up past my knees cause they were so small. (i have a picture but i dont know how to get those on the computer. Dad, i might need you to find a USB for the camera so i can plug it in) . She's from a city called Warwick (i think), New York but went to school at BYU-I for three years. She is 21 and its weird because we are really the older ones.We are pretty funny together and both have a good sense of humor but we are also super awesome missionaries. Really though, there is no way that Bobby and Erica wont want to get baptized after they hear our lesson we have prepared for each of them. :)
We get to go through a temple session this afternoon. My companion has only been through a session once so she is excited to go again. I am as well but I am so exhausted, so i hope i dont fall asleep in the session. That is one thing about being here so far, I am always SO tired. It is a lot of work being a missionary and I can't believe its only been one day because I have learned so much already. Already i have to memorize the missionary purpose, write a 5 minute talk on repentance and baptism, read through the missionary handbook, and plan two lessons. It's craziness, but so great.
Seriously, this gospel is awesome and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve. I already feel so great and a lot less nervous about going out there to serve. I know that this isnt going to be easy and that even the best lessons might not convert an investigator, but atleast they will be able to feel the spirit and thats all that really matters. I love the MTC and even though it is hard sometimes to be away from everybody, I know that this is where I need to be.
I hope you all are doing well and pray for you all every day. (and we pray A LOT here)
Miss you all so much and can't wait to hear from you.
Ps. My P-days are Fridays but you guys can write me letters anytime and I would really love it if you did.
Love you,
Sister Allen

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013

Hola Familia!
I know you probably just got a letter from me, but I need my immunization record!  I don't know if I ever got my second round of mumps & measles shots & tetanus shot.  I think I put my record in my big green hopefully its still in there. 
Today has been good! It was a little hard to wake up at 6:30 & I am super tired, but its worth it, right?  My companion is a morning person & so shes really gast at getting ready.  I was only five minutes late for personal study.  But I'll be on time tomorrow. :-)  We have classroom instruction for three hours straight today, so pray for me. 
I love & miss you all.  I love my companion & am having fun.  We played sand volleyball for gym time & hopefully I'll get better, cause my skills have worn off.  Yesterday over 800 missionaries entered the MTC.  There were two full districts, like 24 people, who are all going to my mission. Its crazy!  Well I have to run to lunch but I love you & don't forget to send my immunization record.
Love you all,
Sister Allen

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sister Allen successful entered the MTC today

Hello All!
This is Lexis' Mom and I will be updating Lexis' blog while she is on her mission for the next 18 months.

June 12, 2013
Today Lexis entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center) at 12:30pm.  After taking family pictures on the Provo temple grounds we jumped in the car to go over to the MTC drop-off.  As we backed up Lexis made mention that she didn't think that the family was able to get out of the car at the MTC, I hollered "stop" and at the same time her dad hit the brakes.  We all jumped out to hug and cry in the parking lot.  The MTC was set up with a number of people directing traffic, large numbered signs and all sorts of missionaries waiting along the sidewalk as cars pulled up.  We were ushered to the #1 spot and all joked that that was a good sign.  I opened the car to a young sister missionary who introduced herself and said that she would be taking care of our daughter.  I thanked her thru tears.  An elder helped pull Lexis' bags out of the car and thankfully and surprisngly, we were given the opportunity to hug one more time.  Even Noah had a few tears along with the rest of us.  I looked into our Lexis' eye before she was ushered away and saw the nervousness in the unknown she was feeling and sent up another prayer that she would be comforted and watched over.  We are so proud of Lexis and know that the decision she has made to go on a mission is a great and admirable one.  We know that she will make a wonderful missionary and we are excited to share her journey with all of you here on this blog.

Lexis was adament that I update her blog today to make sure that everyone of you knows her correct mailing address.  Apparently the wrong address was printed on the cards that were passed out at her farewell.  We appreciate you keeping in contact with her as she goes about this great experience and know that she will appreciate your letters.

Sister Lexis Allen
8583 Watt Avenue
Antelope, CA 95843

If you would like to receive her letters by email --please post your address on the comment section below and I will add you to the list of those that will be receiving her letters via email.  Thank you!

First picture of our Sister Allen

Lexis' Dad, Verl, posted this on Facebook Thursday, June 13th
"One of the blessings of living three blocks from the MTC are friends who volunteer there and watch out for your kids.  This morning one of those friends sent me an email with this picture, and let me know that Lexis is doing great. I can testify that The Lord hears and answers prayers. This is exactly what this is--

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

goodbye bestfriend.

zane has been not only my boyfriend for this past year and a half, but also my best friend. we've had hard times and good times, but that is what makes us stronger. honestly i would probably not be where i am today without him. i am so grateful for him and his wonderful example of being a previous missionary. his countless amount of mission stories and encouraging words have been so helpful. i seriously love this guy. we plan on reuniting in 18 months and trying things out. i know that the Lord will have everything work out how it should. i am going to miss him SO much and can't wait to be reunited with him in 18 months.
ill love you forever. ill like you for always. forever and ever my zaner you'll be.
I love you zane!