Friday, July 5, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry July 5th, 2013

"This morning we did weekly planning until about 1pm.  Then we got to go to lunch with Sis P and Sis Giani!!! Sister Giani went on exchanges today and so she was in our area.  Sadly, she is having a bit of a hard time with her companion, Sis T.  She kind of has a really big personality, wakes up late cause she's always sick and just isn't really meshing well with Sis Giani.  I'm hoping and praying that things will get better.  Bad companions are the worst because you feel like they don't really want to be out here and then you start feeling like there's no point.  Its hard. Sis G always says if she were to go home, she would go live with my mom in Provo and keep an eye on Zane.  Haha.  She's so funny and I definitely miss her.  I hope we get to serve again because we are the same person.  We met with 2 less actives today from the ward.  Sis H is older and loves to talk.  We probably got 12 words in during the whole time we were over.  Haha.  We also visited Bro P.  He was super nice and his wife has lupus and is Catholic.  He comes when he can but it seems like he and his wife have a bit of religion conflict.  It really just makes it so much easier when you and your spouse believe the same things.  When you don't it causes a lot more unnecessary stress.  We were able to see the S's today and we are going to be going over to teach the restoration Wednesday night.  Tonight we had dinner over at the P's and oh man, that was an adventure!! I have not laughed that hard in the longest time.  I was in tears.  So first of all, we had dinner scheduled for 6pm and we didn't actually eat till 7pm.  Bro P is so sweet but very deaf and he sat with us for an hour going on and on about his life for an hour.  Then when we finally got dinner we saw cucumber and avocado on Sis G's plate, which she hates...So, we were talking and Sis G was trying to quietly tell me to eat hers.  (Sis P does not hide how she feels well and gets offended when you don't eat everything.)  Anyways, I saw a pic of a temple across the room, I asked which temple it was.  As Sis & Bro P looked over I grabbed the first cucumber and shoved it in my mouth.  Then Sis G caught on and asked what the picture was right next to it.  Then again, as they looked I grabbed the cucumber and VOILA they were gone.  It was hilarious because they had NO idea. We were trying to stop laughing the whole time they were just sitting there having a normal  convo with us.  The best part was Sis P was talking about how many times they've moved and cause Bro P can't really hear she basically yelled and annunciated "NINETIMES!" over and over again.  We lost it and I laughed so hard... and the best part was after Bro. P kept telling her it wasn't that many she counted and it really was only six.  I'm sure I'll read this and it won't actually be funny.  But we were DYING!  Our night ended when we had a chat with this 21 yr old air force kid who was drunk... we'll see if he actually makes it to church on Sunday...
Sis Allen

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