Monday, July 8, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry July 8, 2013

"Uno mas P-day!  Hooray!  This morning we were asked to go over to a storage unit and help a lady move her stuff in.  The Spanish Elders came with us too to help lift the heavy things.  After that we went over and grabbed the Buttes Vista Sisters.  We did our emailing and I got to chat back and forth with Mom but Zane got on right as I was getting off and when I got back on he wasn't online anymore. :-( But, I always send one big email to everyone else.  I had a little missionary moment in the bathroom.  This lady who used to have the discussions wanted us to send some over so she could know about Singles Activities.  We got her address but have to find out what missionaries are in her area.  We of course went grocery shopping at the Grocery Outlet!  and after went to Target for a couple things.  Some members invited us to Janyo (frozen yogurt) and so we headed over there around 3pm.  Then we decided to get our car washed...I only had a $20 bill but Sis G said it would give me $ bills back.  She put my $20 bill in and out came $14 of quarters!! It was hilarious.  She was like right when I put that in, I looked at the things I was like "Hmm... I wonder where the dollar bills will come out of."  We had dinner over at the Millers.  They have 4 super cute very well behaved young kids who all want to go to BYU and serve missions.  They fed me my official "greenie dinner."  We had pesto pasta, green salad, green Kool-Aid, honeydew melon and green rice krispie treats.  It was so fun!  After we did our usual stops around less actives homes.  We are hoping to get the R family to church this week.  Sis G also made her final decision and is leaving for 30 days to go to the doctor in AZ to get better.  I am staying in Yuba City... but that is all I know right now.  I will either be in a trio or get a brand new companion.  We'll know by the weekend...
Sis Allen "

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