Monday, July 29, 2013

An email from Sister Allen...


wow, this past week has been crazy and a lot of amazing miracles were seen this week.
On Thursday night we were supposed to go and see a family but they ended up canceling on us. We honestly had no idea where to go or where to look and so we decided to pray and ask heavenly father to guide us where he needed us to go. After the prayer, Sister Powell said that she thought of a road called Scott Street. She said she doesnt know where it is or why it came to her mind but thats just what she thought of and she had heard of it one time before. Well, Scott Street is in my area and thats where our investigator Jeff lived. We headed over to Scott Street thinking that we needed to see Jeff. We met with Jeff for a second and as we were about to walk down the rest of the street, I remembered a woman that lived right next to and behind Jeffs house. Her house couldnt be seen from the street but i remember going there with Sis Grant. She was a former investigator of ours and dropped us because she said she "wasnt up for this whole mormon study thing". The last time we went back about a month  before she definitely wasnt interested, but we decided to go anyways. Abena came to the door with a lot different attitude this time and was so kind. She allowed us to come in and told us we looked like we had just walked out of a catalog. haha. Abena had some questions throughout the book of mormon and thinks that church is too boring. She wants the hymns to be more up beat. Well we answered her questions from the BoM and then invited her to come to see a baptism on saturday. Abena came and really enjoyed it! We are going back this week and it is a miracle that we chose to go see her when we did. She is really looking for answers and i think we have those answers for her.
Saturday was an amazing day for my testimony. My testimony of the power of the preisthood increased ten fold that day. We were referred to a woman named Terry by someone in the ward. She lives in one of the more rough areas in town and has been through a lot. This neighborhood is one that we arent supposed to go in at night because its so sketchy. Anyways, Terry has been through a lot and she really needs christ in her life. A couple of days before we went over there she had some very intense experiences and so she was emotionally and physically unstable. I decided that we should go down a couple houses to a members home to see if they could give her a preistgood blessing. Bro Patterson came down with us and before we explained to him the importance of preisthood blessings. I sat next to her the whole time and held  her hand as he gave her the blessing. As soon as he started saying the blessing, i felt this calming rush of peace and chills run through my body. I could feel the spirit so strong and i started to cry. I
 still dont know why i was crying, but i think it was because I could feel how much pain she was going through and the words kept popping in to my head "This is who you were sent here to help". It was unreal. Afterwards, she was so calm and i knew she felt the difference. Terry looked at sis dalton and I and said "you both look so familiar. are you guys sisters? are you sure i have never met you before?" Chills ran down my spine and I feel like there is a chance that I have met Terri before. She doesnt know where she would know us from and she told us that we are her angels sent from heaven. We hope to continue teaching her but are giving her a couple of days to recuperate from the past weeks problems. What an amazing experience and i really hope that she is the one i was sent here for. I really think I might be. The craziest part was that we had a lesson scheduled at the time we saw her and last minute they canceled on us because we had work. The first name that popped in to my head was terri and i knew we were at the right place, at the right time.
Last night was another amazing experience! WE HAVE A BAPTISM COMING UP! So last night, we had dinner over at a members home and they invited Sis Bosquet (shes a member) and her husband Bro. Schmit (nonmember) over to dinner as well. We had planned on teaching Bro Schmit the first lesson after dinner. After dinner we started the lesson and he told us that he had taken the discussions before but that was a long time ago back when they were in Idaho. He said he was really ready this time because he got a sign from God that this is where he needed to be. Last week, Sis. Bosquet and Bro Schmit were at the Hands for Hope center in town. Bro Schmit was outside waiting for his wife when an older man came up to him and gave him a penny with a cross stamped in to it.The man gave it to Bro Schmit and said "It makes sense to believe in God." and just like that the guy was gone. Bro Schmit had been praying to God for an answer to what he should do next with his life. He now wears that penny around his neck on a necklace as a reminder that this is where he needs to go next with his life. So we went through part of a lesson and i felt like i should ask him to be baptized. I said "Bro Schmit, when you come to know that what we teach is true, will you follow the example of jesus christ and be baptized by someone holding the preisthood authority of God?" came out flawless. (surprisingly because  was so nervous.) And without hesitation, he answered with the most amazing word i had ever heard..."YES" I let out a deep breath and then Sis Powell came to the rescue and asked him if he would prepare himself to be baptized on August 31st. He said he would and thats what date we are aiming for. He just has to do two things...quit cold turkey on smoking and marry his wife. They got married by a medicine man on the reservation but want something more official. My first time asking someone to be baptized is one i will never forget. What an amazing thing he is doing for his wife and he talked about getting sealed in the temple next year and it just gave me chills.
I have an official tan line from my shoes. So i guess you could say i am now officially a missionary. haha.
I was voted the "Cutest Sister Missionary" that has ever come to the Feather River ward, besides Sister Grant. haha. so that was pretty great.
I also love to throw up the hang loose, cowabunga hand gesture while im talking and without fail every time i do it someone freaks out cause they think im throwing up a gang sign. welcome to yuba city, people. i try to explain to them its a habit picked up from college and they just think im trying to cause problems. haha. Its like "oh yeah, totally (hang loose hand gesture)" "WOAHHH! what are you doin?!" thats how it goes every time. without fail.
Sister Dalton gave me a list of 6 things that she has learned from me:
1. cleanliness is important, even if you are tired
2. Have confidence
3. Its good to share personal experiences
4. Appearance matters
5. Dont slow down to change lanes
6. Greenie Fire is great! haha
Sorry this email is all over the place, but i am really excited to see great things happening out here. Its exactly what we needed and heavenly father is watching out for us. This is the last week of the transfer and I cant believe I have arleady been out in the field for 6 weeks. 8 weeks including the MTC. CRAZY! Thank you to everyone for the packages and love. I really appreciate it all and its the only thing that gets me through each week...well that and lots of prayers. :)
We are seeing lots of miracles out here and i know that as we continue to pray and ask for miracles that the Lord will allow us those as long as we are ready and worthy to recieve them.
Everyone is amazing and I am so privelaged to be serving the Lord.
Make an effort to find opportunities to serve at home and keep being awesome everybody!

I love you all and miss you all like crazy. (still.)

Sister Allen

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