Monday, October 28, 2013

An email from Sister Allen

Transfers are IN, and i'm OUT
Hope everyone had a wonderful week! 

Last night, around 9:45pm, Sister MacDonald and I anxiously awaited transfer calls. Sure enough, my feelings were right and I am being transferred. I will be transferred down to Loomis, CA. My companion is Sister Laws, who has been out for about 3 months now. I will be senior companion and I am very excited for this opportunity! Change is hard, but change is good! I am sad to be leaving the Feather River ward and my wonderful companion that I have grown so close to , but I am ready for a new adventure. Heavenly Father knows exactly where I need to be and I trust that there are opportunities, miracles, and His children waiting there for me. 
This past week was great! Nice and long though, as we were nervous and constantly thinking about what was going to happen with transfers. 
This week I have been trying to work on following promptings from the spirit. Gracie sent me an amazing talk from the August Ensign that I had read before, but decided to read once more this week. Revelation and promptings come in their own time and in their own way. They come when we are least expecting it.I would suggest you all read this amazing ensign article.
We had an awesome experience with Ricky, the homeless man outside the post office. We taught him the Restoration on Tuesday morning and told him about the 17 points of the true church. He was very interested by these 17 points and asked us to post them on his Facebook. At first I thought he just wanted us to post them on his wall, but then he began spelling out his email address and password for us to log on to his Facebook with. Haha. We posted the 17 points and checked on it the next day. His Facebook was blown up with comments from his friends and family. I guess Ricky hadn't been on Facebook in a while and his family had no idea where he was or even if he was alive. His brother, who he hadn't talked to in 15 years, got a hold of us and asked if there was any way that Ricky could contact him. We were able to go back to the post office and allow Ricky to use our phone to call his brother. It was the sweetest thing to see him talk to his brother. Felt good to help Ricky reconnect with his family. Because he is homeless, he doesnt really make Facebook a priority, but we were glad that his family was able to find out that he was doing well.
Our ward had their Chili Cook Off/Trunk or Treat on Saturday night. This whole week we were constantly inviting Less Actives to this event. So many people showed up! Sister Mac and I were asked to be the chili judges and I have never tasted so much chili in my life. Every single one of them tasted differently. The Spanish branch was invited too and it was a full house. We had a really good time and the ward provided 4 huge bags of candy for us to pass out of our trunk. The Martins even gave us this crazy cool light and we had a light show going. :) So fun! 
We said goodbye to Brad (recent convert) after church yesterday. He is off to Afghanistan for the next eight months and it was pretty hard to say goodbye. He was able to pass the sacrament and said the opening prayer during sacrament meeting as well. It has been awesome seeing him grow his testimony. He is such a legit member of the church and is so willing to grow and learn in the gospel. The ward has been awesome with helping him feel comfortable and I am grateful to know Brad.

Yesterday afternoon, I had one of the funniest rejections I have had so far on the mission. We received a referral from the ward that we were going to contact. We parked the car, said a prayer, and started walking over to this house. The front door was open and there was a screen door there. 5 or 6 dogs heard us coming up to the door and were barking like crazy. We came around the corner and there was this old woman standing there behind the screen door, with her hands up in the air saying, "GOODBYE! GOOODBYYYEEE!! GOOD.....BYE!!!" I tried asking her if Lindsay, our referral lived here, and she just kept waving her hands at us and yelling "GOODBYEEEE!!!" We turned around and walked right back to the door and I couldn't help but laugh.

Today is going to be a sad day saying goodbye to the ward and our recent converts. I have really been taken care of in the Feather River ward and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve here in Yuba City. The people I have met, taught, and come in contact with have changed my life. I am a better person and missionary because of my companion and will miss Sister Mac so much. 
My new address in Loomis is:
5953 Mareta Lane
Loomis, CA 95650
I love you all and miss you all so much! I hope you all are doing well and I pray for you all every day. Thank you again for all the letters and support. They mean the world to me! 
Sister Allen

Monday, October 21, 2013

An email from Sister Allen

Man! this week was pretty hilarious!
Where do I even begin with the stories from this week? There are too many to tell.
There is a homeless man named R who sits outside of the post office every single day begging for money. We talk to him each time we go to the post office and he is super awesome. He was baptized in to a christian church last year and is originally from Logan, Utah. Small world. His whole family is LDS and has a lot against the church because those he knows in the church would judge him for his tattoos and the decisions he made earlier in his life. We finally had time this week to stop and have a full lesson with him. We had given him a Book of Mormon a few weeks ago, but just now had time to catch up with him. He has told us before that he didn't go to church much because he wanted to choose when he worships and says "hello to God", as he puts it. We thought that 3 Nephi 20 would be an awesome scripture to read with him, so he could understand the meaning and importance of the sacrament. And how we are commanded to partake the sacrament. We sat down with him on the curb right outside the post office and started reading. He loved it and was so grateful that we were there to read with him and explain to him exactly what each verse meant. He loves the scriptures but has a hard time understanding what it all means. At the end, I asked if we could close with a prayer. He said yes and all of a sudden I feel his arm around my shoulders...I was so caught off guard and then felt Sister Mac's arm around my shoulders, as if this was a normal thing you do when praying...I could not stop laughing. I could feel Sister Mac next to me laughing and tried my best to control my laughter as I went on to say the prayer.
How many of you knew Hostess was up and running again? Well, i didnt. On Wednesday night, we were out trying to contact some of our referrals. We had just come from dinner and Sister MacDonald had to use the restroom so bad. We stopped at the local grocery store and as she was in the restroom I just was browsing around the aisle I was standing in. I looked over and did a double take. I saw Twinkies and Ding Dongs. None of that imitation stuff. This was the real deal. I stood there with a box of Twinkies in my hand, thinking to myself, "I really am so set apart from the world that I didn't even know Hostess made a come back. I can't wait to tell Sister Mac. This is crazy!" She walks out of the restroom and sees me standing there with this box of Twinkies. I'm standing there with this big grin on my face, "Do you know what these are?!" "Uhh, Twinkies?" "Yes! Hostess made a come back! Isn't that crazy that we didn't even hear about that?" "Umm, Sister Allen, Hostess went back in to business back in didnt hear about that?", as she's trying to hold back her laughter. Yeah, I felt like an idiot.Haha guess I was just out of the news loop when I was home.  But hey, Hostess is back people! Not that I will be eating it. My stomach ain't got room for that.
Saturday we didn't have any set appointments, so we spent the day finding on Cooper Avenue. We ran in to a bunch of interesting people, as always, and even picked up a new investigator. We knocked on one door and there was no answer. The front window was wide open and as we walked away, I quickly wrote our phone number on a pass along card and jokingly frisbeed it at the house. It went through the open window and landed right behind the curtains. Haha! Who knows, maybe that pass along card is the answer to someones prayer. As we kept walking down Cooper, we met an older man who is a member of the church, but has been inactive since he was 15 because someone in seminary accused him of smoking weed when it really was his friend who was. As he was telling us this story, I was just thinking to myself, that's what has ruined your chance at salvation? Someone wrongfully accusing you? He also went on to tell us that he is an avid marijuana smoker and that he will continue to be until the day he dies. Big goals, big goals.

Sunday was the primary program. R, K, and C all had parts in the program and did awesome. Sister Mac and I were dying the whole time because R was standing up there in the back row with his dad's giant suit coat on.
Last week I told you all about the D girls and how they told us they want to be baptized. We went to contact them this week and had no success. We knocked on their front door and we could hear someone in there. They looked out the peep hole and all we heard was, "Oh! Its the church girls!" and then nothing...haha. We got a hold of their dad on Saturday and plan on going back this week to start the lessons with the three girls.
M was moved to a care home in Marysville this week. (our hilarious investigator who thought Hitler was the first person on earth, even though he has a giant tattoo of Eve on his right forearm...yeah.) He was planning on coming back to Yuba City to live with his sister on Tuesday, but we found out last night that his sister isn't a great environment for him to live in. He has to stay in the care home, which stinks for us because now we wont be able to teach him, but when we called him last night he told us he wants the Elders in Marysville to come teach him so he can keep working towards baptism. We're all working for the same cause out here, so we feel good about handing him over to the Elders.
Saturday was the birthday of one of our less actives in the ward. L was baptized a year ago, but hasn't come to church since then. We have been really working with her, but she just had hand surgery last week and is on a lot of intense meds. We bought a cupcake for her and ran over to her house to drop it off. There was a sign on the door that read, "please ring the door bell." We rang the door bell probably about 8 or 9 times and faced the fact that she probably wasn't going to come out. (She has a past with depression and hiding away from everyone for long periods of time) The window right next to the door was cracked open and we decided to use that to our advantage. Sister Mac and I sang her "Happy Birthday" real loud with our faces pressed up to the window screen. We still don't know if she actually heard it, but its the thought that counts, right? :)
A little update on H, M's daughter. We have started on the fourth lesson with her and sadly had to move her baptism date back to the 9th of November because she didn't show up to church yesterday. She is having a hard time because their family just found out they have to be moved out of the house by Nov 15th and then they will have no house and no income. We are continually asking the people in our ward for job ideas and homes that they see are for rent. I really hope we can help their family and that they will realize the peace they can feel from church. Especially at this time in their life.
Last night the community put on a Christian Choir Festival over at the Faith Lutheran Church in Marysville. Different christian churches came together to sing and "praise together". We had an awesome time and it was so cool to see all the churches join together in unity. On the last song, the pastor of the church invited all of the choirs back up to sing together. Sister Mac and I thought it would be funny to just walk up there and act like we knew what we were doing. We went up to the front with everyone and stood there nice and tall, singing the last song. You only mission once.
We were confronted this week about the rumor that our church is a "cult". This is the first time I had really heard someone straight up say it to us while I have been out here on my mission. We were on our way out of the library when a man by the name of B stopped us and asked what our badges said. We told him and he said, "I knew that's what you would say. But I haven't ever met girl missionaries before, is that a new thing?" We explained to him the age change and then he started to talk about how every time he meets missionaries he tells them to read the book "Kingdom of the Cults"...sounds pretty inviting, right? While we were talking to him, you could feel the spirit just leave. Every time we would tell him something about the church, he would say, "Hmm, i didn't know that.." I just couldn't help but think, maybe you should know a little bit about the church before you accuse them of being something they're not. He wouldn't give us his address or any way to contact him so that we could teach him more, but we gave him a copy of all six of the pamphlets and let him go on his way. Sad that people think certain things based on random literature.

Last week and a lot of this week will be spent contacting the Less Active's in our ward. Our ward is putting on their annual Chili Cook Off/Trunk or Treat this Saturday. Brother M, our ward mission leader, says that this is the one event where all the less actives come out of hiding, so we are really looking forward to it. Our ward invited the Spanish Branch as well, so we are expecting a large turn out and a lot of delicious Chili.
Transfers happen each six weeks. The end of my third set of six weeks is this Sunday. Sister Mac and I are praying that we stay together at least for two more transfers, but who knows what the Lord has in store for us? We'll find out Sunday!
I love this gospel. I love missionary work. I love my companion. We work so well together. One thing i would tell all missionaries is, Do NOT forget to have fun! There are so many things in life to enjoy. Don't take life too seriously.
I love it out here! Love you all!

Sister Allen

Monday, October 14, 2013

An email from Sister Allen

Hello Everybody! Yet another amazing, exhausting, fun filled week in the mission field.
Denise, Romeo, Katie, Kendra, and Clayton were all baptized on Saturday! What an amazing and beautiful day that was. Katie, Kendra, and Clayton's great grandpa was able to come in to town from Salt Lake in order to baptize all three of them. It was a special thing for their family and definitely good for them to do that together. Romeo is a changed kid. We were really worried at the beginning of last week that he really wouldn't be ready for baptism in only one week, but seeing him now, he is so loving and such a good example to everyone around him. We went over to their house on Saturday night for Denise's daughters 3rd birthday. A lot of Denise's family was there and they are all non members. Denise started talking about her baptism and how good she felt and told her Aunt that she should think about being baptized. Denise started talking about how much it has helped their family and Romeo raced over to the living room saying, "I'll say a prayer for an example!!!" It was the most beautiful and heartfelt prayer I had ever heard a 9 year old say. "Thank you for letting me and my mom get baptized today. It is an honor that the sisters are here in our home. I am grateful to be a member of the church..." I could not believe it. This weekend really made me think about how baptisms are so much more than just baptisms. I think about the future and how many more opportunities await these people because they were baptized. I think about the missions these kids could go on, the temple marriages that will come from it, eternal covenants that will bring them so much happiness for the rest of their life, and it is so amazing! It is amazing seeing these people make changes in their lives, just so they can receive all of these blessings. That is why I love being out here. There is no way someone would stop smoking, give up everything, just to be apart of some church if it wasn't the true church of Jesus Christ restored back on the earth today. Denise and her husband (who is a member) are looking forward to next October when they can be sealed as an eternal family in the temple. We gave her a picture of the Sacramento temple on Friday and she just says, "Sisters, this is my goal." The baptisms were great, but the confirmations were even BETTER!! Brother Myers did all five of them. He was nervous at first, but WOWZA, they were the most beautiful and unique blessings for each of them. I was crying through each and every one of them. The spirit was so strong and they were given so much council and guidance for their lives. Katie's blessing was the most amazing blessing in the world and she WILL be a missionary one day, i just know it. So much happiness in one weekend!! I love it!
Sister MacDonald and I were asked to speak in Zone Meeting this past Thursday. We were asked to share our thoughts on 'How to Be a Successful Missionary'. We came up with three things that we have seen help us, Faith, Desire, and Action. You have to have the desire to do great things, develop your faith, and act on the promptings you receive. Desire, Faith, and Action lead to miracles and developing 'spiritual eyes', so that you can see any opportunity that may come your way. It was awesome to be able to prepare and teach in zone meeting. I love getting up there in front of people to speak because I always learn so much by preparing and studying to do so. (if that makes sense) They always say the teacher learns more than the students.
We have a new investigator named Margarito. He is sure a crack up and keeps life interesting. Saturday we had a lesson with him on the Plan of Salvation. We had just finished talking about pre-earth life and were starting the next part, which is about our life here on earth. Before we started, I asked him, "Who were the first people on earth?" He sat there thinking about it for a minute and finally said, "hmm...well there was George Washington...and then before George Washington, wasn't it Hitler? Was Hitler the first person on earth?" UHHHHH....Sister Mac and I just looked at each other and tried to keep a straight face. "Um, no Margerito, the first people on earth were Adam and Eve!" "OHHH! I have Eve right here on my arm!" The single tattoo he has is an immodest Eve holding the forbidden fruit...glad he thought about that one before he had it permanently inked on his skin. Haha. Margerito is hoping to get baptized on November 9th. He really wants to be baptized so that he can see his Aunts and Uncles in heaven. We just have to make sure he makes it to church on Sunday.
We have been unable to get a hold of Margaret (the woman who lost her husband when I was in the hospital) this week, but her daughter Hannah has been all for the gospel this week! Hannah started reading the Book of Mormon about a week and a half ago and is already in 3 Nephi Chapter 3. CRAZINESS! She is a speed reader and is really enjoying the Book of Mormon so far. We even went over yesterday morning and picked her up for church! She loved church and everyone was so friendly to her. I think that's what she really needs because of her step dad just passing away. She needs a good support system with good structure and that is what this gospel can bring her. Hannah even came to the YSA fireside last night at the Martin's. Kaitlyn, the YSA rep in our ward, has already invited her to institute on Tuesday and the YSA corn maze activity next Saturday. Feather River ward seriously ROCKS! Hannah is working towards November 2nd for baptism and she is definitely ready and excited. Hopefully Margaret will come around. She has been struggling with a lot of things lately and hasn't been up to meeting with us, but I know that as she hears Hannah's positive experiences, Margaret will want to meet with us too. On Tuesday, Sister Kim came with us to the lesson with Hannah, we were able to watch President Monson's talk from the Relief Society broadcast. It was such a strength for her and the best part of the whole lesson was her prayer at the end. She was so sweet and says, "Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the speech that President Monsoon gave...." We just thought it was so sweet because she said Monsoon instead of Monson. It's those small and simple things that make our day so much better. :)
Saturday morning, before the baptism, Sister MacDonald and I were able to volunteer for Yuba City Helping Hands. Each year Yuba City puts on this community service project where they pick one street in the community and fix up every single house on the street. It is an amazing project and so cool to see the whole community come out and work together. We wore our name tags on the outside of our bright blue Yuba City Helping Hands t-shirts for a little bit of 'advertising', i guess you could call it. Sister MacDonald and I got put in charge of a whole house project with just the two of us. We planted this giant tree together and dug a giant hole in the dry, rocky ground. Just the two of us. We were so proud! The staff kept calling us "Power Houses" and kept putting us to work! It was super awesome and a really good service opportunity for us. Missionaries love those types of things.
After the baptisms on Saturday we were invited over to the Shore's/Durfey's (Katie, Kendra, and Clayton) home to hang out with everybody. Grandma Durfey, who is less active, has a son named Lawrence who is also less active. Lawrence is married to a non member and they have three girls who are also not members of the church. We have tried getting in touch with Lawrence and his family before, but they are either never home or (more likely) avoid answering the door. He has three daughters, one who is 15 and the twins that are 13. The twins came up to Sister MacDonald and were talking about how cool it was that they got to see their cousins get baptized today. They started talking about how bad they wanted to be baptized and asking what they would have to do to be baptized. They had even talked to their mom and dad who told them that it would be okay for them to be baptized!! GOLDEN! I came over and we explained to them that they would need to take the lessons from us, come to church 3 times before their baptism and then they could be baptized. They are so excited!! And not only do the twins want to be baptized, but their older sister does too. It was such a miracle. We baptized 3 and gained 3 new investigators all in the same day. The Lord is blessing us and we are SO grateful for the amazing opportunity this is.
Mosiah 28:3, "Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble."
Love you all! Thank you for your prayers, emails, letters, packages, and LOVE!! You all are amazing and I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!
Sister Allen

Monday, October 7, 2013

An email from Sister Allen

Holy cow! Wasn't conference wonderful? I loved each and every talk. They all were exactly what I needed to hear. Its funny how when you're a missionary, everything they say in conference sticks out to you so much more! We received a lot of revelation for our investigators and we hope that we can now take what we learned and put it into ACTION. If you didn't have a chance to watch all of it, I STRONGLY recommend that you go back and watch all of those talks you missed. There was so much revelation and goodness in each one. I could probably type for hours on all of the things that stuck out to me...but, instead ill just try and pick out some of my favorite things:

The past is to be learned in, not lived in.
Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith.
In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve, it is HOW.
Nurture and cultivate your seed of Faith!
Return to FULL spiritual health.
The scriptures hold the keys to spiritual protection.
The work of salvation CAN NOT move forward without us.
Go forth and rescue our lost brothers and sisters; the blessings of eternity await them.
Faith must precede miracles.
Slow down, rest up, replenish, and refill. Hope for Miracles. Never lose faith in our father in heaven. Dont run faster than you have strength. Whatever your struggle, never vote against the precious gift of life. There is still much in life to be hopeful for. PATIENTLY ENDURE. Live by faith, hold fast to hope, and have compassion one to another.
God has devised means to save ALL of his children.
There is joy guaranteed for the faithful.
Worldly laws, do not change God's laws. God's laws are unchanging.
Be true to our covenants with the Lord. Being truly converted is acting on what you believe. Conversion takes time, sacrifice, and our whole heart. Living the principle, converts you to that principle. Exercise faith and LIVE IT. Act upon the doctrines you know are true & keep the commandments every day. Conversion is your personal choice. When we are truly converted, our choices will be inspired by the holy ghost and will be more Christ like. Live the gospel and stand in holy places, IT WILL BE WORTH IT!
Endure and you will have confidence that you kept the faith, tried your best, and deserve eternal life.
Repentance is not punishment. It is the hope filled path to a greater future.
Our purpose: to persevere and become more spiritually refined through the sunshine and the sorrow.
we truly need Him in every hour.
Dedicate yourself to live the gospel each day.
"Dont forget to look UP!"
Develop the faith that will help us more fully rely on Him for help. Turn to your father in heaven at times of need. He wants us to really love him and when we align our will with His, He will bless us with all that we ask. GIVE HIM YOUR HEART.

We have 5 baptisms this Saturday! October 12th is finally here and this week is going to be busy! The three Shore children will be baptized by their grandfather this Saturday. They are so ready and it has been so fun working with these kids. Clayton, the 9 year old, has grown so much and even talks about being a missionary some day. Every question we ask Clayton is answered with, "umm, so we can go to the celestial kingdom?" He loves the gospel and they are such a good example to their less active family members. This week we were reviewing the story of Joseph Smith and asked the kids, "Who was it that restored the gospel back on to the earth?" Katie and Kendra answered simultaneously with, "Joseph Smith!!". "Who was it Clayton?" "JESUS SMITH!" Haha...close enough. We printed out invitations for their baptism and they have already passed all of them out to their friends at school. Katie, the 11 year old, is even planning on dressing up as a sister missionary for Halloween. so cute! Yesterday at conference, Denise, who is also being baptized this weekend, came up and told us that her 9 year old son, Romeo, would like to be baptized on Saturday too...well people, we have a week to teach him the gospel and prepare him to be baptized and confirmed this weekend. Wish us luck!
Sister Mac and I were kicked out of a Lutheran church this week. David, the less active man we have been working with, wanted to have us over for dinner this week. Because he lives alone, we arent allowed in his house to eat. Every Wednesday, at the local Lutheran church, they have free dinner for the community. David thought we could all go to dinner there together and that would solve all of our problems. Sadly, it didnt go quite as planned. We walked in to the church and there was a good amount of people. A lot of them happened to be some of the people we have taught in the past and some of the less actives from our ward. After grabbing some food, we walked over and said hello to all of the people we knew there. As we sat down to eat, the pastor came in and asked us if he could talk with us outside for a minute. He told us that he really didnt appreciate us coming here and proselyting at his church. He said that we cant just come in to his church and form relationships with his people. (funny thing is that we had relationships with these people before we even came to this dinner) Anyways, he went on to say that the real problem was that "Mormons arent christian and non-christian people are not welcome at his church." I was stunned! Non-christian? Sister Mac and I both tried to jump in and tell him otherwise, but he would not allow us to talk and continually cut us off. He kept talking about how "Mormons worship more than one god" and "Mormons dont believe in Christ's atonement." I just started to chuckle a little bit, as I could not believe that he was really saying these things. He continued on and finally I cut him off and told him, "I am sorry that we offended you in coming here. We are not allowed to proselyte at other churches and were just here to enjoy dinner with a friend. We are christian, but we will leave." The next day, I felt like we should write him a letter and express to him our beliefs. Not to tear him down, but to help him understand the misconceptions he thought about our church. We used excerpts from the book titled, 'The Missionary's little book of answers', which I suggest all missionaries have. We  had David proof read the whole thing before hand and dropped it off on Saturday night. We wont be going back, but hopefully now he has a little more knowledge of who we are and what we believe.
Friday night we had an "emergency meeting" over at the Bishops house. He asked us to come over around 7pm and share an "inspiring message" with his family. Friday night also just happened to be the night of the BYU vs. Utah State game and it just happened to be on TV when we went over there to share our "inspiring message". And Sister Mac and I just happened to be wearing our Utah State t-shirts over our skirts that night...haha. We caught the last quarter of the game and let me say, I am still proud to be an Aggie...even though, we totally lost to BYU.
We had interviews with the President this week and I PASSED with flying colors. :) Not that it was a test, but President is very pleased with the work Sister MacDonald and I are doing. It's nice to have the approval of the president. He says that each week he looks forward to our emails just so he can see the newest miracle that happened the previous week. He has even asked if him and Sister Weston can join us for a lesson some time. Because Sister MacDonald and I are trying our best to be obedient we see the blessings and miracles of the Lord. When we have faith that miracles will happen, that is when they come. Also, Sister Mac and I were asked to present for 5 minutes at zone meeting this Thursday on how we can become more accountable missionaries and how we can see more success in our work.  We hope to help all of the missionaries in our Zone to become more exactly obedient so that we can all become those exceptional missionaries we are trying to become.

This is really the BEST day to be a missionary. I know that as we increase our faith, the Lord will increase our success. What an exciting time to be a member of the church! I would invite you all to reach out to the missionaries in your area and ask them how you can help. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel. Have faith that miracles will occur. Study out the scriptures and then you can declare His word to your fullest potential.
I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to listen to a prophets voice and the inspired messages from the Lord's servants. We are his children and now is the time to endure well so that at the last day, Christ can say to us, "come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my father."
I love you all and miss everyone! Thank you for the constant love and support.


Sister Allen