Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry July 2nd, 2013

"Once again we were stuck at home.  This morning I didn't feel so well.  I felt pretty nauseous and my stomach felt uneasy.  I got to take a nap and that felt really nice.  My stomach is still a little uneasy but I'm trying to remain positive.  I'm hoping that if I just act like I'm not sick, my body will play along with me.  Sis. G did go in to the Dr again and they are going to give her a CAT scan on her stomach just to make sure there's nothing going on in there.  Tonight Sis P came over and wrote out a paper of all the foods that hydrate, dehydrate and are toxic for the body.  Basically Sis G and I are on a diet, starting tomorrow where we only eat fruits, veggies, beans and chicken... We're hoping this will help her out.  The mission nurse told her to eat things that were super dehydrating which is why she wasn't really getting better.  We've also decided to go out tomorrow.  We are gong to do one hour out and one hour of rest all day.  She needs to keep her body moving even though she doesn't want to.  Hopefully this whole thing works!  I just want her to be better!  I'm running out of things to do with my day. 
-Sis Allen
P.S.  I made it through 1 Nephi...on my way to 2 Nephi!"

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