Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 14th

well hey family,
so thanks a lot for not writing me. i was expecting to have at least three emails in my inbox, but i had zero. looks like you guys have already forgot about me. thanks guys.
well i wrote you guys two letters so far and i hope they reached you. (zane i need your address or mom can i have the branbury office address and you can just deliver it to him)
yesterday was our first full day as missionaries and let me just say it was not easy. by the time 8pm hit, i was seriously delirious and tired. they pack so much in to your brain at once, its craziness! we got our first two teaching assignments yesterday and my companion sister Giani and I have already started planning our lessons. One of our "investigators" is named Bobby, he is a single dad with one daughter and wants to know more about the church so he can provide a good environment for his daughter, we are focusing on the family and how the gospel can help us through trials and how God has a plan for each of us. Our second "investigator" is ERica and she doesnt know a lot about the church but saw missionaries and thought she would like to talk to them to see what this church was all about. We plan lessons for both of them and then either tonight or tomorrow we will be able to really teach investigators as if they were Bobby or Erica. Its super awesome!
We met our branch president last night and he is a bit strict. My biggest problem is getting used to saying "Sisters and Elders" instead of "Guys". It's pretty hard and the branch prez called me out on it last night. We have three districts in our zone and two of the districts are missionaries who are only serving in Roseville. Its so awesome that there are so many missionaries going to my mission. There is one more Sister than Elder going to our mission, so thats great! Go Sisters!
The food is good here and I have been really trying to eat as healthy as i can. It's hard when theres not too many healthy options though. Yesterday we had our first gym time and we went up to the courts to play sand volleyball. My skills are a little rusty since high school...but i am sure ill get lots of practice. Getting up early has been super hard and I was a little late to personal study yesterday, but this morning I was up and on time. This morning we actually had to wake up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 because we had a service project. We were suppposed to clean the stadium chapel but my companion and i ended up cleaning the security booth out in front of the MTC. The lady looked at me and was like "hmm...youre tall, you could reach the top windows without a problem. we'll put you to work out there." It worked out perfectly because Sister Giani is short and so she would wash the bottom windows while i would do the top. (ps. too bad none of you drove past the MTC around 6am cause you could have seen sure you probably weren't awake anyways)
Everybody laughs when i tell them that i literally live a block away from the temple and it would take me 2 minutes to walk up to my house from the MTC. They all ask me if I have wanted to sneak home, but i always tell them no. Not because i dont love you guys but because it would be WAY too hard to have to say goodbye again. One time was good enough for me. The Elders and Sisters always joke that we could just walk over to my house to get a snack or have a district party. It's pretty funny.
My companion and I are getting along great. Her name is Michelle Giani and she is 5' 1"...(i always get put with the shortest people, its hilarious) Last night i tried on her jeans and it was pretty hilarious because they wouldnt even go up past my knees cause they were so small. (i have a picture but i dont know how to get those on the computer. Dad, i might need you to find a USB for the camera so i can plug it in) . She's from a city called Warwick (i think), New York but went to school at BYU-I for three years. She is 21 and its weird because we are really the older ones.We are pretty funny together and both have a good sense of humor but we are also super awesome missionaries. Really though, there is no way that Bobby and Erica wont want to get baptized after they hear our lesson we have prepared for each of them. :)
We get to go through a temple session this afternoon. My companion has only been through a session once so she is excited to go again. I am as well but I am so exhausted, so i hope i dont fall asleep in the session. That is one thing about being here so far, I am always SO tired. It is a lot of work being a missionary and I can't believe its only been one day because I have learned so much already. Already i have to memorize the missionary purpose, write a 5 minute talk on repentance and baptism, read through the missionary handbook, and plan two lessons. It's craziness, but so great.
Seriously, this gospel is awesome and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve. I already feel so great and a lot less nervous about going out there to serve. I know that this isnt going to be easy and that even the best lessons might not convert an investigator, but atleast they will be able to feel the spirit and thats all that really matters. I love the MTC and even though it is hard sometimes to be away from everybody, I know that this is where I need to be.
I hope you all are doing well and pray for you all every day. (and we pray A LOT here)
Miss you all so much and can't wait to hear from you.
Ps. My P-days are Fridays but you guys can write me letters anytime and I would really love it if you did.
Love you,
Sister Allen

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