Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry June 26, 2013

"  Today was amazing!  Earlier we went to the mission home to finish orientation & I met our new companions.  My trainer/companion is Sister Grant.  She is from Vegas & is super rad.  We are serving in Yuba City in the Feather River ward. We arrived at the area around 4:30pm & it all began.  We first went tracting.  I picked a street that kept catching my eye called Fruitvale Road.  I was super nervous so Sis. Grant did most of the talking. The first house wasn't interested and smelt like weed.  The second house was a guy named T.  His wife had just passed and so we sat on his porch & talked to him for a while. We gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet & we are hoping he will read it. Next door to T. lived a younger single lady named A. She was taking lessons from the Jehovah Witness' but used to be a member of the LDS church when she was about 12.  She remodeled her house and has a sickness that sometimes prevents her from being able to work so we offered our help& gave her our number to call if she ever needed anything. Sis Grant also invited her to church on Sunday.  We are praying she will make it!! We ate dinner at Subway & then I unpacked a little.  Our first lesson was at 7pm with J.  J. has been taking the lessons for a year. He has a testimony but really can't stop smoking.  The longest he's gone is 13 days!  We read the B.O.M. with him in Omni & tried to help him figure out what he could do too stop smoking.  I really hope he can find a way to stop! J. also has some social disabilities and is schizophrenic (but he takes medication for it.)  We then went over to A & J's house.  A  is a single mom who just got baptized in June.  Her son J got baptized the same day.  They are incredible & such a sweet little family with a strong desire to learn about the church as much as they can.  We read through the Book of Mormon with them & I was able to answer some questions they had about the Chapter 2 Nephi 4.  J prayed at the end and thanked Heavenly Father that I was there with them.  It was so sweet & the Spirit testified that this is definitely where I was supposed to be called.  I love it here!  Good night!
-Sister Allen  "

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