Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21st, 2013

An email from Sister Allen on her PDay. June 21st...

FOUR MORE DAYS AND I AM OUT OF HERE!! I can't even believe it. Time has seriously flown by and if time goes even faster out on the mission then i will be home in no time.
how is everybody doing? Thank you for all the love and support. I love reading everyones emails and hearing what is going on. Plus, all the letters and packages have been amazing. For missionaries, letters and packages are the best thing in the world. I look forward to lunch and dinner just because i know i will recieve some kind of letter. Keep em comin!!
Things are going great here at the MTC. It definitely was rough at the beginning of the week, but now things are just really looking up. My companion and I had a hard time with the first time we taught our investigator Bobby, but we have gotten the hang of it now. I can already notice a difference in the way i teach . I am defintely being guided by the spirit more and really trying to love my investigators. I have had a really great time teaching and know that I am just going to continue to get better.
The food here at the MTC is pretty bad. I mean it tastes good, but no ones stomach actually likes the food. Lets just be real, everyone is extremely gassy here and thats just something we are all facing. It was really bad at first but now i feel like my stomach is getting used to it. Which is really disgusting. I am really excited to get out in the mission field and be able to enjoy home ocoked meals and non cafeteria food. I do not know how people eat here for 9 weeks at a time. More power to em, i guess. There was a flu bug going around two days ago and i definitely felt nauseous but did not catch the full thing. It was really bad. We had eight girls on our floor sick. I have yet to see Carlie and I am really sad because tonight is the last night that i could see her. they are shutting down the main building until tuesday because they are having a huge mission president training thing. A lot of the general authorities will be here so they dont want all the missionaries bugging them. On Sunday we are going over to the Marriott Center and they are having a worldwide broadcast. President Monson and all of the apostles will be there. It is going to be awesome and in the three years my branch president has been here he has enever seen anything like this. We all think he might make a big announcement or something. Maybe they're opening china! AHH! If you guys watch it, then make sure to watch for me. I am gonna try to make my way to fame through this broadcast. I will be accepting autographs.
My companion and I are still getting along super well. I am so grateful and blessed to have her as my companion. We workr eally well together and have a super good time. She is teaching me to talk like a New Yorker and I teach her how to talk in that nerdy headgear voice i always talk in. (You know what im talking about Zane) We are pretty hilarious and she reminds me a lot of the friends I have had in the past. Looks like heavenly father knows me or something...:)
On tuesday night we had an awesome devotional at the marriott center. Elder Gay from the Seventy spoke about these amazing missionary stories. I wish I had time to tell you all of them. It was an amazing talk and I feel so blessed to be hearing council from such amazing inspiring people.
Sadly, i only have thirty minutes to email you guys but i really am doing AWESOME! I wish i had the time to send you all letters, but know that i am thinking of you all and love every single one of you.
THANK YOU family for the care packages and all the healthy treats (especially mom for the cupcakes and healthy food box. it has come in handy) THANK YOU to the BUNDY's for sending those adorable stickers. I love them and hope you are having a blast in Florida. (Tell Addi and Logan HI! I miss them so much! And i also need their address) :) THANK YOU to everyone else who has wrote me a letter or sent me an email. I LOVE  YOU ALL.
Sorry this is so short. I wish I could tell you everything but i hope my mom is updating the blog with not only my emails but a little from each letter i send. I try to keep everyone updated through those.
california, here i come!!
-sister allen

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