Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lexis Journal Entry June 27, 2013

" Wow, today was eventful!  Sis Grant and I saw so many people.  We had an appointment & other things planned, but no one of them really went through.  This morning we had District Meeting.  It was long & kinda boring.  There are 6 Elders & one other sisters companionship. All of us went our for district lunch In N Out.  After Sis Grant & I went to an address that was suppose to be a less active's home but the address led us to a storage lot. We went next door to ask & ended up talking to this super nice older man named M.   He was very familiar with Mormons and had helped Marie Osmond for years to make her doll collection that was sold on QVC.  We talked with him about the church  and had actually been taught by missionaries before.  He also asked about what we thought about gay marriage (it was legalized in CA state yesterday.)  We gave him a card and told him to look it up on there.  We went over to this guy named E's house ( he seemed interested the first time) and his wife answered.  She said they weren't interested and when E came to the door it seemed like something was wrong.  We will check back on him in a couple weeks.  We stopped by B's house.  He's married and has the cutest little girl, Lily.  Last tie, they gave him a chapter in the B.O.M. to read but he said he hadn't done it yet.  He seemed great but he didn't follow through.  Hopefully he will read!  We went over to the R's home. They are a less active family in the ward.  Their two daughters go baptized in the church last year.  The apartment smelt super strong of weed.  (Its legal here & EVERYONE smokes it.)  Their family has been having issues getting along & they've been fighting.  The dad reads the B.O.M. with the kids every night though.  We planned to have an FHE lesson next Tuesday.  Their cousin R was there and as we were leaving we had a good conversation with him.  He doesn't understand why bad things happen to good people and has major law of chastity issues.  He is going to come on Tuesday when we have FHE.  We stayed talking to Ronnie for a little too long & had to run over to meet with E (she took the discussions before and then disappeared for a year.  she commited to baptism last time.)  We got to the car and had missed calls from Sis S (member) telling us not to go see E.  Basically her husband freaked out and told Sis S to never come back again.  E's husband has always been super sketchy and we have a feeling he is abusive.  So we called E and she still seemed interested in meeting next week.  Then we had a missed call from her and when we called back it was her husband.  He gave us an earful about E being too innocent and nice to say no to us and all this crap.  It just was not good.  I wish we could help her but we don't know how.  We visited J today.  We found him smoking on his front porch. I wish we knew how to make him stop!  We got to meet with H's (another less active family.) They have been really struggling through a court case.  Some gang members are always after them, breaking into their homes, beating their kids, shooting guns... its seriously crazy!! Sister H is so strong tho.  Its amazing that she is still sane after everything that's gone on.  We visited with them and then offered a prayer of safety to them.    I hope they're okay. I'm definitely keeping them in my prayers.  The A's were suppose to have us over for dinner, but had to cancel.  We stopped by the Kang's to drop off a fireside flyer.  (Less active, part member couple who run a daycare.)  They are usually stand offish but invited us in for a while. Sis K asked if we had any plans for dinner.  We told her no and she said we could eat there.  She said she had been thinking about us and calling to see when we could come over for dinner. (MIRACLE)  We had a great dinner and even taught a short lesson on prayer.  They got into it and we commited them to pray together as a couple every night!  The Gs were our last visit.  Both of them haven't been active for a long time.  They are different...but super interesting.  Bro G knows how to do everything.  They offered to make us dinner one night which is AWESOME!  Today was great.  We met so many people & this mission is really going to humble me.
-Sister Allen  "

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