Friday, June 28, 2013

Lexis' Journal Entry June 28, 2013

" One hundred and eight degrees  Its 108' today!!! ay curumba!
This morning we are in the hospital.  Sister Grant hasn't been feeling very well.  We think it might be dehydration.  We've been sitting here in the ER waiting room for about an hour and are hoping they call us back soon.  Its amazing how different the world is only 10-12 hrs. away from home.  Yuba City is very povertish and dangerous in a lot of areas.  A lot of people don't have any money and are on Medicare (government issued insurance.) Its so sad!
Later on...
We got done with the hospital at 5pm.  Sis Grant had to get fluid through an IV. They say she has dehydration and that in this crazy heat we need to drink lots of Gatorade!  While we were in the ER, an ambulance rushed in an older man who had collapsed from the heat.(Our bed was in the hall & so we could hear it all happening.)  The guy's internal core temp. was 109' and he was already not breathing for like 5 minutes.  He ended up passing away and it was so sad because at first he was a John Doe.  But somehow they found his identification & were able to contact his wife & friends.  It was really sad to hear their reaction when they saw him.  But it really made me think about the plan of Salvation & how important it is especially in situations like that, that we know that we can see them again. And really they're in a better (less hot) place. I just wish I could've gone in there and told his wife that. Its so sad that a lot of people really don't believe they'll see their loved ones again.  Wouldn't that be awesome if we just randomly found her one time? Our message could give her so much hope.  We finished weekly planning tonight & we are hoping for a very successful week! because we were at the hospital we had to cancel all of our appointments and dinner plans. We got a pizza from Little Caesars and it was actually super good. We are going to bed early tonight because Sis Grant is still not feeling well...:-(  Night!
- Sister Allen

P.S.  Everyone stares at us here or tries to avoid all eye contact.  It's pretty hilarious! We're like aliens... in a new world.  Its so strange.  "

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