Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sister Allen successful entered the MTC today

Hello All!
This is Lexis' Mom and I will be updating Lexis' blog while she is on her mission for the next 18 months.

June 12, 2013
Today Lexis entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center) at 12:30pm.  After taking family pictures on the Provo temple grounds we jumped in the car to go over to the MTC drop-off.  As we backed up Lexis made mention that she didn't think that the family was able to get out of the car at the MTC, I hollered "stop" and at the same time her dad hit the brakes.  We all jumped out to hug and cry in the parking lot.  The MTC was set up with a number of people directing traffic, large numbered signs and all sorts of missionaries waiting along the sidewalk as cars pulled up.  We were ushered to the #1 spot and all joked that that was a good sign.  I opened the car to a young sister missionary who introduced herself and said that she would be taking care of our daughter.  I thanked her thru tears.  An elder helped pull Lexis' bags out of the car and thankfully and surprisngly, we were given the opportunity to hug one more time.  Even Noah had a few tears along with the rest of us.  I looked into our Lexis' eye before she was ushered away and saw the nervousness in the unknown she was feeling and sent up another prayer that she would be comforted and watched over.  We are so proud of Lexis and know that the decision she has made to go on a mission is a great and admirable one.  We know that she will make a wonderful missionary and we are excited to share her journey with all of you here on this blog.

Lexis was adament that I update her blog today to make sure that everyone of you knows her correct mailing address.  Apparently the wrong address was printed on the cards that were passed out at her farewell.  We appreciate you keeping in contact with her as she goes about this great experience and know that she will appreciate your letters.

Sister Lexis Allen
8583 Watt Avenue
Antelope, CA 95843

If you would like to receive her letters by email --please post your address on the comment section below and I will add you to the list of those that will be receiving her letters via email.  Thank you!

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