Sunday, March 31, 2013

what to wear. take one.

sorry guys, its been a while since i've posted. 
but i have been doing lots of mission shopping the last two weeks! i'll start with this awesome pencil skirt. its a great muted pink and it hasn't been that hard to find matching tops. 
(honestly, i thought it would be) 
here are a few different outfit ideas that are super cute, modest, and perfect options for your mission.

 outfit #1: 
top-H&M ($12.95)
skirt: Mikarose ($37.50-find it here)

outfit #2:
same top and skirt as above
cardigan- Nordstrom Rack ($16.95)

outfit #3:same skirt as above
button up shirt: H&M ($8.95)
cardigan: Nordstrom Rack ($16.95)

outfit #4:
same skirt as above
button up shirt: H&M ($18.95)

outfit #5
all items featured in above outfits

outfit #6:
same skirt as above
pin stripe button down shirt- Gap ($32.95)

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  1. Holy cow! How incredibly adorable! What great finds!