Thursday, March 21, 2013


dresses are another hard find. for me, they are always way too short, the longer ones are sleeveless, too tight, etc. i want to take at least two dresses with me, just to switch things up from time to time.

all of the dresses above were found on

1. This dress is super cute, light weight, the neck might be too wide, but that's nothing a cami cant fix. this dress comes in 5 colors: black, navy, red, green, & purple. find it here.
2. you cant see well in the picture, but this dress has a cute aztec stripe pattern. really nice length & sleeve coverage. a little more expensive but made with cotton, so very breathable. find it here.
3. i am absolutely in LOVE with this dress. such a good cut and the simple print on there makes all the difference. this dress comes in navy or black. find it here.
4. this is a very simple black dress. high collar line and nice sleeves. its made from a nice cotton jersey stretch material. this dress comes in black, navy, & orange. find it here.
5. this is another black dress, but it has the detailing of a collar that is super cute. the only problem is that there is a little slit in the chest area, but honestly with six quick stitches it would be gone. also made out of a nice stretch cotton jersey AND its on SALE. find it here.
6. for those of you heading to the missions where it is winter year round, this is a nice option. a nice easy cotton long sleeve dress that could be paired with anything. this dress comes in gray, red, & yellow. find it here.

all of the above dresses were found on

-i like these dresses, but they are a bit on the pricier side and a little fancier. one nice 
dress wouldn't hurt.

all of the above dresses were found on
-these dresses are super simple but they have an extra touch of something that would make them super easy to throw on. i am definitely considering the grey one on the left.

let me know if you guys know of any other places to find cute dresses, i'm on the prowl.

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