Friday, March 22, 2013

cap sleeves.

cap sleeves are garments best friend. 

so, i used to work at the University Mall in Provo at this store called ModBod. not ModBe, ModBod. (similar stores, totally different companies.)
anyways, ModBod specializes in capsleeves, camis, long sleeves, etc. 
all of your basic essentials in solid colors.
 they are super high quality and definitely last the longest, durability wise. 
i know you might want to go with a Down East cap sleeve, because they are super cheap, but don't do that to yourself. ModBod is a lot better quality and actually survives the washer machine. 
your cap sleeve won't completely see through by the time you get to the fifth wash. 
trust me! 

p.s. yes, they will cover your garments. everyone that came in to the store asked this question and the answer is YES, easily.


ModBod has all of their stuff on SALE right now!! YAHOOOO!!

here are some of the capsleeves, they come in SO many colors and they are only $9.95 online right now! they are literally 50% off. so grab them while they are still in stock!
you can check out all of the capsleeves here.

now i am sure you are all curious what this is. (no, not the ladies creepy face
these are called Demi Cap Sleeves.
 i know they look weird. but honestly, they are the best undershirt for under a dress. 
you know how sometimes your undershirt rides up under your dress and you have to do that awkward reach-up-your-dress-pull-down-your-undershirt thing....well, now you wont have to! 
these really are so awesome. 
they are also on sale for only $8.95. if you don't believe me, at least buy one and try them out. i really do think they are super awesome and convenient. they were super popular when i worked in the store and i have a couple now too. 
its a great alternative to a full cap sleeve, because they aren't as bulky or hot. 
check out the demi cap sleeve here.

check out for all of the other awesome undershirts/basic tops they have. any of them would be perfect for your mission.

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