Wednesday, March 20, 2013


i'm sure all of us future missionaries are a little nervous about the weight gain rumors that go around, but don't be. there are so many easy and quick circuits out there that you can do pretty much anywhere

the last couple of weeks, i have stayed at home to work out instead of going over to the university's gym. i really recommend doing this for a couple of weeks before you go in to the mission field so you can get a feel of what easy work out routines you could do while you are out there. 

here are some of my favorites so far and none require weights: 

this is a really awesome ab workout. it is quick and works your abs just the right amount.

oookayyy...this leg workout is KILLER,but don't be scared. i did this one last night and by the end of the workout my legs felt great. you definitely would not have any issues doing all your walking the next day.

so i tried this arm workout last night as well, it wasn't my favorite arm workout, but it definitely did the job. make sure you know how to do each of the exercises listed before you start the full thing. 

okay guys, this morning workout, is literally one of my favorite workouts. it is a full body workout and definitely gets the job done. i would recommend printing this one out and taking it with you, so you could do it out there in the mission field.

all of these workouts are super easy and require no equipment. 
don't forget to stay healthy out there and maintain a good exercise routine.

ps. you may think to yourself, "well i walk like 8 miles a day." while walking to the investigators houses is great and all, you really need to trigger specific muscles if you want to see any 
results and stay healthy.

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