Monday, December 30, 2013

An email from Sister Allen

Happy New Year!

Man, I feel like the last couple of weeks have just been holiday after
holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all came so fast.

It was SO fun talking to everyone this week. I love you all and I'm so
glad that everyone is doing so well. Made me realize how blessed I am
to have the greatest group of family and friends a girl could ask for.
Seriously, you all are the BEST OF THE BEST!

Christmas Eve was spent at the Alston's home. We enjoyed their
infamous Mexitalian Feast and it was quite the party. Some really
great food and a lot of fun people. Plus, we got to teach the plan of
salvation to one of the Spanish Sisters investigators. There's always
an opportunity to share the gospel. :) the rest of the night we went
out caroling with both sets of Loomis Elders. It was a great time and
even though we didn't sound that great, we made a lot of people's
nights. One of the older single women from the ward was so touched
that she cried and offered to make all of us lasagna. So sweet, haha.

Christmas Day was wonderful! It's my only one in the mission field, so
me had to make it good. After we skyped, we went over to Grandma
Sewell's house. The Sewell's are this huge family and they all live in
this area. They all got together as a family and had brunch. They have
a golf cart that Sister Byrne and I had a little too much fun
on...Christmas dinner was over at the Suchomels. They are seriously
the cutest family and Sister Suchomel is the greatest relief society
president ever! We had the best food. Steak, ceased salad, BOMB shrimp
stroganoff, cranberry bread with butter sauce. It was delicious. We
spent the rest of the night shooting off sling shots and playing board
games. It was a perfect day.

One of my Alpha Chi sisters from Utah State lives in the Roseville
area and so her mom contacted me and we surprised her at lunch on
Thursday. Hazel had no idea and it was really fun to catch up with
her. I have the inside scoop on everything going on at school and it
makes me never wanna go back. Haha. Okay I'll come back one day, but
it's just that The mission is such a bubble. You really don't have to
care about anything pertaining to "real life". It's pretty nice.

Sister Byrnes dad told her that her visa is still in its first stages
and so it may still be a while before it comes. In the meantime, to
practice her Portuguese, she has been teaching me Joseph Smiths first
vision. I have half of it down solid! (You should be proud, Zane and
Nate) Maybe one day in Loomis we will come across someone who speaks
Portuguese as their first language, I'll definitely be prepared for
that opportunity, if it ever comes...

Sadly, I have been battling a cold this week. Sister Byrne, bless her
heart, allowed me to get some extra sleep a couple of days this week.
I am pretty much over it and can actually breathe out of my nose
today, which is exciting. My stomach is still hurting most days, so we
have decided to drink a glass of lemon water each night as a sort of
"cleanse" and I've been staying away from dairy. (We think I may be
lactose intolerant) It definitely makes my stomach feel better...but
the lemon water taste pretty nasty and bitter.

Our investigator, Dacoda, is doing great. We only got to meet with him
once this week because he has been busy but, he is still progressing
really well. He talked about how he knows he wants to get baptized but
he doesn't understand why and why it matters to do it in a certain
church. He says he knows this church is true, but he says the Joseph
Smith story is hard to believe because so much of the church relies on
this one person. We then talked to him about prophets and why they are
so important to have. God gave people prophets on Old Testament times,
why wouldn't he give us one today? By the end of our lesson, he
definitely understood more. He is starting to read in the Book of
Mormon and he even came to church yesterday. He knows this is all
good, but he doesn't understand why. We got some work to do!

Christopher from England, is doing wonderful. He is meeting with the
missionaries in York and found out that one of his really good friends
has been taking the discussions too! They are going to all four start
meeting together. The Alston's are basically already booking their
trip to England for his baptism. He is so ready and prepared. It's

Everyone PLEASE watch this awesome New Years Mormon message. It's
amazing! It tells the story of Lots wife. You can find it in Genesis
19:15-26. This year, move forward and LOOK NOT BEHIND THEE.

I love every single one of you. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you
for your love. Thank you for sharing with me your own personal
missionary experiences. Keep converting yourself and I hope we all
make a goal to grow closer to our Savior this year. He is the light
and the way to happiness.

Love always,

Sister Lexis Allen

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