Monday, December 23, 2013

An email from Sister Allen

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas!

Something super exciting happened this week...we received brand
spankin' new iPads! We got them on Tuesday and they have been a great
tool to hasten the work forward. We are going completely paperless and
transferring all our records into a "virtual" Area Book. We no longer
have paper planners. We plan our whole day via our iPads into a
calendar and can update what principles, invitations, and commitments
we extended right after the lesson. We used to have to wait until
nightly planning, but now it can be quickly and conveniently updated
while the lesson is still fresh in our minds. We are capable of
holding lessons over skype/FaceTime and have so many more resources
available to us! It's amazing.

Speaking of Skype, we had another set of lessons with Christopher, our
investigator in England. He is progressing so quickly and is already
in 3 Nephi after only having a Book of Mormon for two weeks! We really
see his heart changing and he has even decided to slowly go off black
tea. Other than the fact that he's all the way in York, he could get
baptized this weekend if he wanted. He has finally felt comfortable to
start meeting with the missionaries there. It's sad that we won't be
teaching him as much anymore, but know that the best thing for him
will be to meet with the missionaries there so that he can start
attending church and get in that baptismal font.

On Saturday afternoon, we had the opportunity to go caroling at a
nursing home. We didn't realize until we got there that it was a home
for Alzheimer and Dementia patients, so our idea of turning it into a
finding situation didn't really work out because by the time we were
done singing some of them had already forgotten who we were. Haha. But
it was a fun thing and they enjoyed it! Some even sang along!

Last weekend was our ward Christmas party, at the party a kid named
Dacoda came up to us and introduced himself and told us he would love
to meet with us sometime this week. We met with him twice and let me
tell you, this kid is seriously the most amazing, humble, faith driven
person I have met. He is 19 and has had a pretty rough life with his
parents being divorced and remarried and all that fun stuff. He met
with the sisters three times back in February and I felt impressed to
figure out why they stopped teaching him after reading through his
teaching record, because he seemed like a golden investigator.
Anyways, we met with Dacoda on Monday night and he was just asking
these amazing thought provoking questions. "What happens in the
temple? What is the priesthood? How can I be happy? How come I am so
drawn to your church?" He wants answers and peace from knowing the
truth. He has seriously been so prepared by our Heavenly Father. He
even broke up with his longtime girlfriend this week, because she was
wanting to do things he didn't. What kind of 19 year old boy has that
kind of will power to do what is right?! We are so impressed with him.
We are meeting with him again tonight and planning to set a baptismal
date. Crossing our fingers for the first weekend in January, pray for

On Thursday afternoon, Sister Byrne and I were on our way to go
tracting down Logan Lane. We have been tracting and tracting these
past few weeks and could barely motivate ourselves to get out of the
car. We both know that tracting is one of the most least effective
uses of our time and so we sat there, with our seats laid all the way
back, brainstorming of some way to fond new investigators effectively.
We started reading in preach my gospel in the "finding people" section
and had this idea of showing the "Joy to the World" video on Sunday
night at the church building and inviting everyone. Problems: it's
Thursday and that gives us three days to invite people, we don't have
a projector, invitations are a must, etc. The list of problems was a
little longer than we expected...but, we pulled it off. Sorta. There
were about 15 people who came. All being members of the church. We
didn't end up showing the joy to the world video, but the videos we
did show brought the spirit. It was extremely disappointing that the
event didn't bring us new investigators, but the people who came
really enjoyed it and said that the stake will start making it a
tradition each year for the Sunday night before Christmas. Heavenly
Father knows we are working hard and will provide us new people to
teach. It's been hard, especially during Christmas, not to be busy all
the time. But we have been putting forth our best effort and know The
Lord will provide.

Still no signs of Sister Byrne's visa...We get along so well and so I
secretly want to pray for her to stay. Sadly that prayer would be
countered by the 100s of other prayers from her family, Brazilian
mission president, etc. who are praying for her to receive her visa
quickly. But we will keep her as long as we can!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. It's going to be hard being
away from everyone, but I am being supported and loved by my ward
family here. I am grateful for this Christmas season where we can
remember that miraculous day that started The life of our Savior who
would change the world. I love my savior. I can never thank him enough
for his atoning sacrifice. He is the light of the world and only
through him may we have a place in the kingdom of God.

Peace on earth, good will to men! Let us give back to our Savior who
has given us the gift of eternal life.

Merry CHRISTmas! I love you all.


Sister Allen

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