Monday, April 14, 2014

Roller Coaster Investigators

Have you all heard about the Easter blast the church is doing? It's going to be super awesome and WE (the missionaries) need your help. All of you go on to! There are videos, banners, pictures, etc. that you can all share on your Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. The church has put a lot of money and time into this Easter campaign. They have even bought a banner on the front page of YouTube where they will advertise the video and website all day Easter Sunday. so cool. I hope we will see a lot of success and interest. So share the videos. Change your Facebook banners and use this tool as a great way to share the gospel. Pay attention to who "likes" your posts and pictures this week and I would challenge you to message one of the nonmembers who like your post and invite them to learn more about the gospel. Let's hasten the work! 

Sherry took us on a straight roller coaster ride this week. We went over and had two really good lessons this week. Then on Thursday night we received the text that no missionary wants to receive. "Hey girls, I think I just need time to do this on my own. Thanks for all your support, but I am going to take a break for a while." Oh man, was I sad or what? It was pretty devastating. We didn't end up seeing her the rest of the week and only texted her on Saturday only to get a few texts back...We told our ward mission leader, Brother Lugo, what had happened and he decided that he would go over and see what was going on. Him and Bro Sorenson both went over last night and had a really good meeting with her. Sherry didn't say much about how she had texted us and was actually happy to see them. When they walked in, they saw an Anti mormon DVD on her table. She said that Jesus was bringing over all of these videos and things to read about mormons. (ughh...jesus...:/) Bro Sorenson took the DVD with him, so he could watch it and help her answer any of her questions. Danget satan...people are so uneducated about Mormonism. It is so annoying. Anyways, Brother Lugo asked her if we could go over and see her that week and she was not hesitant at all. We just want to be able to answer any questions that she might have. We'll find out if she will still get baptized on the 26th. Pray she does!! It really is annoying that all this Anti stuff gets around and is out there. Made me think this week....Why would people work SO hard to disprove the LDS church, if it wasn't true? You don't hear anything really about the Methodist church or Buddhism. Its always Anti Mormonism. Makes me realize that this church has to be true. Satan wouldn't work so hard to prove it wrong, if it wasn't. There would be no point for him to do that. I know this church is true with all my heart. No matter what people say or try to prove, I will never deny that. 

Thursday morning we tabled over at Butte College. It was semi-successful. We met a lot of long lost less actives...they just kept showing up. We would stop people and start telling them about the church and they would be like "uhh, yeah...I was already baptized..." So now we have all these new less actives. Two of them actually showed up at church yesterday. Pretty cool, huh? 

More change is coming this next week in the YSA ward. The stake announced yesterday at church that we are going to have a new bishopric starting next week. We also got a new relief society presidency in the YSA ward. Something great is beginning! 

We received a referral from the Sisters in Chico 5th ward this week for a YSA age girl named Tarah. She is super cute and from Sac. Her best friend just got baptized last month down at Sac State and told Tarah that she needed to at least give it a try. The other sisters taught her the restoration and we taught her the plan of salvation. She said that she believes in reincarnation, but was really accepting of what we believe. She is a little confused as to exactly what she believes in...but definitely agrees with things that we taught. Tarah said that she might not ever join the church because she likes to "drink and party", but she really likes learning more. We are going to continue to meet with her and hopefully she will feel the spirit testify to her that what we say is true. 

There is a family in our ward who I love so much! The Midlings are super awesome. Brother Midling is a convert of 4 years and Sister Midling returned to the church a couple years before that. Brother Midling's mom, Shirley, lives with them and is not a member. Last week we had dinner with them and Sister Midling invited us over to "practice teach" a lesson to her. So basically Shirley is hearing all the lessons without knowing they are actually aimed at her. We taught them the Restoration last night and the spirit was so strong. We gave Shirley a copy of the Book of Mormon nonchalantly and are praying that she reads. She is catholic, but never attends church. All her friends are members of the ward, she watched all of general conference, loves President Monson, but is just too stubborn to actually admit the catholic church is wrong. But its a great opportunity for us to "teach" her and who knows, she could actually get baptized from this. 

I am grateful for this Easter season that we have to remember what our Savior did for us. Because of him we can be made clean. We can overcome death. We can live with God again. Through Jesus Christ we can become who God needs us to become. I know He Lives. I know He loves us. I can not express in words how grateful I am for Him. I hope everyone enjoys their Easter and takes the time to remember what He has done for us. 

Love you all. Keep it real.

Love you long time,

Sister Allen

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