Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3rd! Happy Birthday GracieLou!

 First off, HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY to the spunkiest redhead around!! Love
you grace!

Good news, Gerald is still on date for February 22nd. He is feeling
good about it all and I think he is really going to follow through
with it. He came with us to a baptism on Saturday afternoon and seemed
to enjoy it. It's funny how much more happy and sarcastic he seems
now. It's like his happy switch turned itself on. You can really
notice a difference in his demeanor. The spirit is working with him.

We had a wonderful stake conference this weekend. President Perez is
one of the best stake presidents I have ever had the chance to be
around. Everything he says is so soft spoken, but filled with power
and the spirit. We were blessed to have Elder Acosta, from the
seventy, here as well and you can not deny the fact that he is truly a
man called of God. It was an interesting, uplifting, and spirit filled
conference. We also had all four of our progressing investigators
attend with us! Patsy, Gerald, tony, and Dacoda!! They all really
enjoyed stake conference and it was so awesome to see all of them take
the time to be there. Yesterday was also the state wide fast for rain.
Thousands and thousands of people yesterday joined together in
diligent fast and prayer for the precipitation we so desperately need.
We received little rain yesterday and know that as long as we keep the
faith, Heavenly Father will answer our prayers and bless us with what
we need.

We found one new investigator this week and were able to contact some
of the referrals that we have tried to get ahold of for weeks. They
were finally home and all said that we can come back anytime to see
them, which is a good step in the right direction.

Well, I did something this week that I never had before. I pierced my
companions ears. Yep. We brought the supplies from Walmart and she let
me pierce them for her. Right in our bathroom. Sister Thomson, who we
live with, was not too convinced that this was a good idea. But we did
it anyway...and they actually turned out really good. Everyone keeps
telling sister Byrne that they are impressed with how straight and
even they are. Yeah, that's right. So, I mean, holler at me if you
need your ears pierced.

This week I decided to complete the Christlike Attribute Activity in
preach my gospel. It was such a good reminder of where I need to focus
on improving and how I can become who God wants me to be. I would
invite you all to do the activity individually or as a family. I
promise that it will strengthen you and help you know where we can do
better. There is always room for us to improve. It is found on page
126 in preach my gospel. Let me know how you all like it and if it's
helpful to you. :)

I hope that everyone has a great week! I love my mission and love all of you.

Love always,

Sister Allen

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