Monday, April 1, 2013

slip extenders.

have you guys heard of slip extenders?! 
okay, i am sure that some of you have heard of them, but maybe don't know where to go to buy them. well i am here to drag you out of that uneducated state you might be in. 

this weekend while i was back home in Provo for Easter, i was over at the University Mall and saw a glorious slip extender kiosk right there in the mall. so for those of you in utah, head on down to the provo mall and you'll find this kiosk right outside Francesca's. they had good options with lace, ruffles, etc. and were priced in the $28-$32 range.
another store that i found the other day that has just started carrying slip extenders is Bohme. sadly, they don't sell their slip extenders online, but they have stores in Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota, Nevada, etc. you can check out their website and find the location nearest you by going on to

now, for those of you outside of utah or those who dont want to go all the way to provo.
 i have had kind of a hard time finding shops with slip extenders online but, i did find a couple of Etsy shops that sell slip extenders online.

this cute little store on etsy is called Babblings And More.
here is an example of a slip extender that they sell on this etsy store. 
this one is the Little Eyelet Lace slip extender. you can find this slip extender here.

another etsy account that is definitely worth checking out, is A Slip Shop. they have SO many options and they are all super well made, cute slip extenders. you can find this etsy shop here
all of these slips range from $25-$35. 

while on this online slip extender search, i came across a super easy tutorial on a blog. it does not seem hard at all and i'm sure you can find someone who would be able to easily make some of these for you.
you can see the full slip extender tutorial here

slip extenders are an awesome option for those of you missionaries out there that are taller (myself included). plus they are super cute and i promise they won't look out of place.


  1. The MTC says no slip extenders allowed :( You'll have to double check but that is what the sisters are saying. bummer!

  2. Yeah it's true I called MTC and they said no, but I wonder if you made them out of cotton maybe it may fly? You can buy a slip extender seeing pattern at this etsy shop too